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Hair Restoration Holland

Hair restoration in Holland- Due to an increased number of people suffering from hair loss, several methods of hair restoration have been introduced. In Holland, Netherlands the latest methods and techniques are available. During recent years a lot of work has been done to introduce surgical hair replacement methods, which have been helping people regain their lost confidence and feel better about their appearance. Hair is a vital part of a person’s outlook and hence care and maintenance should be dealt with. The methods of hair regrowth can be non surgical as well as surgical. We will first look in to the surgical method of hair transplantation since it is the most result yielding procedure and has become most popular. The hair transplant procedure is the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. The surgery is a technical procedure and greatly depends on the surgeon’s skills and experience. For the patient, it is considered an easy operation since there are not many tools required and the procedure is carried out in a clinical environment. The whole procedure is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The first step of the process is an initial consultation during which the surgeon assesses the number of grafts needed and the time or number of sessions required for the completion. Apart from this, the final cost of the procedure is also discussed. Once the surgeon and patient decide the method of procedure, the surgeon always prepares his patient for the results and clears out all unrealistic expectations. This helps in maximizing the results and improves the chance of the patient coming out of surgery fully satisfied. The surgeon cleans the patient’s scalp before surgery so that the scalp is absolutely free of dirt or any residue. The hair is then removed using a high degree microscope. In case of strip method, the surgeon cuts out the strip using a scalpel and then stitches the wound with the help of staples. This always leaves a scar at the donor site. In case of FUE method, the surgeon uses tiny punches to extract hair follicles which have to be removed in such a way that the surrounding hair is not damaged. Once the extraction is done, the surgeon and patient take a small break. After the break, the plantation is completed. The healing period for hair restoration in Holland or abroad is very short and has minimal side effects. This surgery is exorbitantly priced in the Netherlands and therefore many people come to Pakistan in search of a surgery of the same quality but at a much lesser price. It is always necessary for the patient to do some basic research about the surgeons, their result successes and the cost at which they perform surgeries. It is very essential to go through the testimonials f past patients in order to conclude what a certain surgeon’s reputation is. These days it is easy for a person in Holland to consult a surgeon in Pakistan. They simply have to send a picture of their bald patch to the surgeon who assesses the grafts and sessions needed for full coverage. The final cost is also decided through emails and before traveling, the patient can make his choice. Accommodation and travel expenses of Pakistan are also very low and thence the whole package costs lesser than just the surgery in Holland.

 Hair restoration in Holland is a costly procedure and hence anybody interested in it must do some prior research to find the right surgeon at the right cost. Hair transplant in Pakistan ,Mexico,Brazil and Thailand is much cheaper and affordable.

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Hair Fall Treatment Belgium

Hair fall treatment in Belgium is according to cause and vary from person to person and our expert will guide you best technique in your case. Hair loss has been a problem for a majority of men and women around the world. In Belgium, all the latest techniques are being used to control baldness and to restore hair growth. While these treatments are of highest quality, the cost is also very high and therefore the treatments are out of reach for many people. Hair has always been an integral part of a person’s outlook and in order to preserve its beauty, people take extreme measures. These measures are the various methods of hair restoration available everywhere in the world. While there are many non surgical methods of hair restoration, the surgical procedure for hair regrowth is hair transplantation surgery. This is by far, the best solution to cover baldness. The non surgical methods are slow and require daily follow up of massages and application of topical lotions. However, the surgery is a one-time hassle and shows maximum results within a year. This is why, people who have been suffering from hair loss for a long time wish to turn to a procedure that promises quick results and this is what makes the hair restoration surgery popular. All the latest techniques and methods are introduced in Europe and the United States before they make their way to the east, due to this factor, all the treatments are more expensive in the west. Another reason for high cost is the currency rate. The Euro, British Pound and the US Dollar are very high in terms of foreign exchange and hence if a person travels to east, his resources multiply manifold only because of lesser currency rates in the east. There are some countries which are more famous than others for procedures such as hair transplant. These countries include Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. The manual works as well as medical facilities in these countries are much cheaper than they are in Europe. A patient in Belgium can easily look for a suitable surgeon in Pakistan through the Internet. Stepwise, the first thing to do when a person wants to get a hair transplantation surgery is to find out the root cause of hair fall. Once the reason is detected, it must be corrected with proper medication and care. This is very necessary since the hair loss treatments will only show results if the hair loss issue has been uprooted. Once this is done, the more essential step is to find a surgeon who suits the patient best. This is necessary since the surgeon’s skills and expertise bring about a natural result. The steps of surgery and the cost of the procedure must be decided beforehand. This can be done by mailing a picture of the scalp to the surgeon who then sends an estimate of the number of grafts and time needed to cover baldness. Once all this is decided, the patient can easily make travel arrangements and accommodation reservations. The surgeons of Pakistan are famous to be amicable and this only adds to the comfort level of the patient. If the surgeon is an easy one, the patient can freely ask questions related to surgery and these way unrealistic goals are eradicated while the patient is prepared for the results. This increases the chance of a satisfied patient who will be sure of what he has opted for and what he will see once the surgery is over. The hair transplantation surgery has minimal side effects which are experienced after any kind of surgery. Pakistan has become a favorite destination for many people looking for a good surgery.

Hair fall treatment in Belgium is done according to the highest standards of medical care, however the cost of these treatments is very high when compared to the eastern countries. For example hair transplant cost in Pakistan for mega session is 2000-3000 euro.

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Fue Hair Transplant Belgium

Fue hair transplant in Belgium is charged 4.00 euro to 8 euro per follicle. We offer our services and experienced team in this era of recession 1.00 euro per follicle by Follicular unit Extraction method. Hair transplant results are comparable to any clinic in the world or European countries. It is the best method for hair restoration since it provides the most natural results in the least time. There are two basic methods of this surgery presently being used everywhere in the world. In Belgium, the latest techniques and best medical care is available. The procedure is the shifting of hair from an area of good hair growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This procedure was initially done in the early 1950s to conceal abnormal baldness caused by accidents and burns. Due to the success of this procedure it became a cosmetic procedure. The early methods were not as successful and natural as the methods being used today. These days, there are two basic methods which are being used everywhere in the world. Namely, they are the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is simpler and involves the removal of hair in the form of a strip. This strip is cut using a scalpel and the wound is then stitched up or stapled. This leaves a permanent scar at the donor site and may be concealed with the use of surrounding hair. The strip removed is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. The hair transplantation method is technical since the surgeon has to assess how deep the cut should be and what should be done to prevent any damage to the hair strip that has been removed.

Hair transplant in Belgium

The FUE  is much more technical since the hair is extracted in individual follicles and the extraction has to be done in a way to prevent any damage to the surrounding hair follicles. These follicles have to be planted one by one on the recipient site. The surgeon has to make sure that all the follicles extracted are planted properly and the existing direction and pattern of hair is maintained in the follicular plantation. This means that the surgeon must also possess an artistic hand so that the results are natural and undetectable. The cost of any medical procedure is high and hence the FUE hair transplant in Belgium, which is highly priced than any other method of hair restoration, is directly much higher and therefore not affordable for a large number of patients. Secondly, the results of FUE method depend a great deal on the surgeon’s skill therefore all patients are advised to search for a good surgeon who can offer an FUE hair transplant in Belgium at reasonable rates. This can be done by exploring the Internet since several surgeons and clinics maintain websites that provide information about the surgeon and also offer the testimonials of past patients, which prove to be good resource in judging the surgeon’s reputation. In countries like Pakistan, the cost of an FUE surgery are higher than other medical services, but since all medical facilities are much cheaper than in Europe, the FUE surgery also is within reach of many patients. Due to a heavy influx of patients from all over the globe, the surgeons in Pakistan are performing numerous surgeries on a daily basis and hence their experience is undoubted. The skills and artistry that are developed through a high number of procedures done make these surgeons popular and the number of satisfied patients is rising. Due to this, many more patients are also attracted to Pakistan and are more than pleased with the successful results. It is easy for a person to contact a Pakistani surgeon while being in Belgium.

FUE hair transplant in Belgium is very natural and result yielding but the cost is so high that many people consider traveling to other places like Pakistan. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 2000 to 4000 for four thousand Fue grafts.

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Hair Transplant Nairobi Kenya

Hair transplant in Nairobi information- Hair restoration is a surgical hair restoration treatment. This surgery is not available in Nairobi. Only a few clinics are there that are claiming to provide this treatment. Patients who can afford this surgery have to travel to other countries for their surgery. Nairobi is the largest, most populous and capital city of Kenya. It has the political influence in the Africa. Many tourists form the world came here to visit the Nairobi National Park. It is among those cities of the world that are not providing the basic health treatment to the patients. A very few hospitals are there in the city to treat the patients. It is ranked by the World Health Organization as the country that has poor health care system for its citizens. Hair restoration is the most commonly found hair loss solution of baldness. It helps the patients in getting back their hairs on the scalp. Hairs follicles are transferred from one part of the scalp to another though this treatment. The hairs that are restored on the scalp are permanent and not affected by any genetic problem. Unfortunately the hair restoration surgeries are not in Kenya. A very few clinics are there in Nairobi that are providing this surgical treatments to the patients. As this is the poorest city of the world, patients cannot even get access to the basic facilities of life. They do not have much time to care about their baldness and hair loss problems. Hair loss in mot of the patients is due to poor diet and nutrition. Most of the people do not have money even to buy food. So it is very much difficult for them to obtain a hair restoration surgery. Those who want to restore their hairs mostly prefer the non surgical herbal treatments to regain their hairs back on the scalp.

Unlike the other countries if the patients want to search for the hair loss clinics in Nairobi through internet, they cannot find much information. A very few hair loss forums are there that are dealing with hair loss surgeons and clinics of this city. They cannot find the information about the surgeons and clinics of this city by sitting in their room and using their desktop or laptop. If someone wants to find the list of such clinics providing these hair transplant in Nairobi Kenya to patients, they have to find them by visiting each of them. Those citizens who can afford hair restoration surgery usually prefer to visit some other country for this treatment. They go for cheap destination providing the hair treatment to the patients. The reason is that it is very difficult to find a good and experienced surgeon in this city.

In a very few clinic where this treatment is found only the traditional strip surgical method is available. This surgery helps the patients in getting the hairs back permanently. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted form the bald areas of the scalp. Later they are implanted to the recipient portions after dissection under a microscope. A linear scar remains there in the donor region for the lifetime of the patient. It is also not sure that this treatment can be done perfectly in any hair loss clinic of Nairobi. The other newer  methods cannot be found in the city. Follicular unit extraction is not offered to any of the patient because no surgeon in the country has ability to perform this treatment. Some how, surgeons form other countries came here occasionally to perform he treatments on patients. With emergence of latest technology, latest devices are used in harvesting and implanting hair grafts. These methods are also not found in the city. Travelling abroad is the only best hair loss solution for the patients who want to get these surgeries. They need to arrange for visa and travelling expense apart from total price. May be in next few years industry of Hair Transplant in Nairobi emerges and flourishes as in other developing cities of the world. People travel for medical treatment abroad and hair transplantation in Pakistan is easily affordable where experienced hair surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offer best prices and results.

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