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Cheap Hair Transplant Malaysia

Hair transplant in Malaysia information- Hair restoration is the treatment that helps the patients in restoring their hairs back on the scalp. This treatment is very costly in most of the developed countries. Patients who want to get a cheap treatment can visit Malaysia for their hair surgery. Hair surgery is the hair loss solution that helps the several who are suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. It also helps in curing all other forms of hairless. This treatment uses hair follicles to restore the hairs back on the scalp. It is the only permanent hair loss treatment available in the world. Hair follicles are extracted form one place and they are implanted to the balding areas of the scalp. These surgeries cost very huge amount of money. They are not also covered by any hair surgery in the world. It is dream of every bald and hairless patient to obtain a low pieced surgery form any other country.  Fortunately Malaysia is one of those countries that are offering cheap hair surgeries to the patients form all over the world. This country is located in Southeast of Asia. It shares its border with six other countries. The best health care systems there in the country that is providing all basic treatments to the patients. The country earns from its natural resources, commerce, banking and medical tourism. People from different other countries came hare to get treatments on reasonable prices. A lot of tourists visit this country to obtain a low cost hair restoration surgical treatment.

It is estimated that in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, the price needed for hair restoration surgery ranges from eight thousand dollars to thirty one thousand dollars. The single hair graft can be obtained on five dollars to twelve dollars from these countries. People residing in these countries do not have time to spend on the non surgical treatments and medicines. They want to get a hair surgery so they can get permanent rid of baldness. But these surgeries are very expensive in their countries. But now they can came in Malaysia to get a high quality treatment on an affordable price. They can save their seventy percent of money by getting treatment in this country. They can also enjoy their vacation and have treatment at a time. They only needs to pay travel expenses and hotel rent apart from the over all surgical cost.

Traditional surgical treatment of follicular unit transplant is less expensive  hair transplant in Malaysia. A single FUT hair graft costs one dollar in this country. This treatment is cheap because there are many surgeons that can provide an accurate treatment to the patients. Hair follicles are extracted at once through this method. So it is easy for the surgeon to perform quickly this hair surgery. The newer surgical method that is follicular unit extraction is the most expensive hair restoration surgical treatment in Malaysia. But as compared to other countries this surgery is cheap and less costly. An average FUE graft can be obtained on two dollars from this country. This cost is as doubled as the traditional treatment. Reason is that a few surgeons re there who are expert in performing this newer method on the patients. Another important reason is that it takes much time and effort of a surgeon to perform this surgical operation on the patients. So they charge more money form the patients. To find the cheap hair clinics in this country, patients can also take help of internet. They can visit various websites and online hair restoration forums to find about the clinics offering a low priced treatment to the patients. Price minutely varies from one clinic to another. The rate of surgery is almost same in all the clinics in the country. The total cost is also dependent upon the number of follicles that are needed by a patient.Hair Transplant in Malaysia does not mean that this treatment will be of low quality. They are charging low fees from the patients, but they meet all internationally set requirements. However when we compare prices with neighboring countries then hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 80% low than in Malaysia.

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Hair Plugs Treatment Thailand

Where to get hair plugs treatment in Thailand

Hair plugs are the hair loss surgical treatments that are commonly found in all over the world previously. This oldest and traditional treatment is also available in Thailand. Patients can find many hair clinics from where they can get this surgery. Hair plugs are those first grafts of hair transplants that were used in 1950s. These plugs do not gain much popularity because they give very artificial hair line to the bald patients. They give unrealistic appearance to the patients. They are still used by the surgeon who are performing hair surgeries, but now are they modified so that they can give natural and desirable results after the surgical treatment. In today’s medical dictionary this term is usually not used by medical experts. These are used in follicular unit transplant process by the surgeons. These treatments are also available in Thailand that is officially known as Kingdom of Thailand and located in Southeast Asia. This is a newly industrialized country that is earning from its tourism sector particularly from health tourism. This country has a good health care system. Several of tourists came here every year to get hair transplant treatments from the country. Those bald and hairless patients who want to get their treatment in this country also want to find the places from where they can obtain these hair plugs. They have to take the help of internet for this purpose. They can ask from the users of different hair restoration forums that from where they can get these hair surgeries in the country. They can also take help from the online blogs of surgeon. Within ten seconds, they can also get a list of hair loss clinics of the country offering these treatments to the patients. With help of this list, patients can check the official websites. They can find that which clinics in the country are offering these treatments to the patients. They can check from the official website by reading the treatments they offer to the patients. They can also ask about any of their relative or friend who has gone through this treatment . If the patients are coming from foreign country, they can ask from their friends or relatives residing there. Some of these clinics also advertise their treatments through newspapers, TV Channels and in magazines. But now most of them also advertise them through social networking websites.

Patients can find hair plug treatments in Bangkok, the capital city of the country. Some hair clinics are located in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Nonthaburi and Chonburi. They can find the high quality treatment from the clinics in these cities. They can easily find the clinics in these cities from where they can obtain his treatment. These surgical procedures are also not expensive in country like other developed countries around the globe. This is the reason that tourists from different countries came here to get a treatment on a reasonable and affordable price. They want to obtain a high quality surgery that gives the excellent results. They need to acquire the health visa . Some of the websites dealing with medical tourism also guide these tourists that from where they can get a best transplant in Thailand. They can get a treatment as well as they can spend a good vacation in the country at a time. It is responsibility of the patients that they should find such a clinic where experienced surgeons are working. These surgeons help the patients in getting minimum risks and scalp damage after the treatment. They also can perform an accurate surgical treatment on their patients. They need to check the background and history of the hair loss clinic from where they are planning to get treatment. They should also check whether this clinic is approved by the health ministry of the country or not. After finding about Where to Get Hair Plugs treatment in Thailand, patients can also find that from where they can obtain micro grafts on reasonable cost. However when we compare prices with other neighboring countries then Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is much cheaper than Thailand and Brazil. For example 4000 follicles by Fue procedure can be implanted in 2000-3000$ which is not possible in Thailand.

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Hair transplants Canary Islands

Hair transplants in Canary Islands

Hair transplants are commonly found in all other countries around the globe. These are the permanent solution of baldness and hair loss problems. These treatments can also be obtained form Canary Islands. Patients from different countries came here to get their surgery. Canary Islands are an archipelago that is owned by Spanish Government. It consists of fifteen other small islands in the territory. They have perfect climate and natural locations that attracts thousands of tourists. It is estimated that approximately twelve million visitors annually came here to visit these islands. All types of hair treatments are available in these islands. Hair restoration is also offered to those suffering from hair loss and baldness. These surgical treatments are available to the residents and the people coming from abroad. They use hair follicles that are transferred from one part of the scalp to another.  Like other parts of the Spain, best health care facilities are offered to the people of these territories. People from various countries of the world came here to get the treatment. They want to get their hair restoration surgery and to enjoy the travel vacations. People from other cities of Spain also came here for their surgical treatment. These treatments are provided by the surgeons that are expert in performing the hair implanation surgeries. Most of the surgeons have years of experience in this surgical field. They are performing these treatments on the patients from last many years. They can accurately perform this operation without giving any long term side-effects to the patients. They also take care that patients should have less risks of transplant failure after the treatment. They have also the relevant specialization degree in this implantation field. They also need to obtain license from government of Spain to perform these surgical restorations on the patients.

The clinics in these islands that are providing the surgical treatments to the patients also meet all the international set standards by World Health Organization and various hair loss societies. They have good hygiene in their rooms and operation theaters. They also use the modern technologies in performing the surgical operations. They have latest instruments to sue during the surgery. Patients can have access to them by visiting their official website. They can find their relevant contact numbers and addresses from these websites. They help them in finding about the history and background of the clinic. They can also check the before and after photos of patients who have gone through the treatment in the pats in these clinics. Through this way they can find that whether they want treatment form a clinic or not. They are required to fill an online form on the website and the authorities of clinics will contact them within seven days. There are two methods of hair transplantation treatments that are offered to the patents. One of these is the most traditional and oldest treatment. It is known as strip surgical method or follicular unit transplant. This procedure, hairs are extracted from the scalp in form of a strip. Once the hairs are extracted, they are placed under a microscope from where they got separated from each other. This method is cheap hair surgery available in Canary Islands. This method is helpful for those that want to obtain hair surgery on cheap price.

The other method is also there that is known as follicular unit extraction. This treatment is also found in some clinics that are dealing exclusively with these treatments. There are few surgeons there that can accurately perform these treatments on the patients. This is the most expensive hair surgical treatment found there. Surgeon need to spend much time and effort on performing a single FUE session. He needs to extract the hair follicles one by one from the donor area of the scalp. Initial consultancy sessions are free in every clinic. Patients can also get price estimate form he surgeons during these sessions. Despite the Hair Transplants in Canary Islands is found on same cost as in other parts of Spain, but people usually prefer to visit Madrid to get the surgical treatment.There is recent trend of cosmetic surgery abroad or medical tourism. Mostly people travel to low cost destination for cosmetic surgery procedure and hair transplant in Pakistan cost you 70-80% low including return ticket.

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Hair transplant cost Paris

Hair transplant cost in Paris

Paris is the most developed city in the world. Hair transplant, the permanent hair restoration treatments are also found in this city. These treatments are very costly in the hair loss clinics of the city. The cost is based upon various factors. Paris is the capital city of France that is located on in the north of the country and it is situated near River Seine. It is population of more than twelve million people. It is one of the global cities that are famous for its culture, arts, music, business, science, entertainment, movie, politics and education. It attracts thousands of tourists from the different parts of the world to visit its heritages. Like other cities of France, it also has the best health care system. Hair restoration surgeries are also accessible to those who want to get these treatments. In these surgical procedures, hair follicles are extracted from dense hair region and they are implanted to the balding portions of the scalp. Before getting these surgeries, it is important to find the total costs of these treatments. This is necessary because there is no health insurance in this city that can cover the price of these hair restoration surgeries. These hair surgeries are offered in various clinics of the city form last two decades. Now with the additional of new treatments, patients are given more choices. But like all other medical treatments, these newly introduced surgical treatments are more expensive than others. Most of the people in the city cannot go for the surgical treatment of hair loss problems because of the high prices involved with these surgeries. The prices that are charge by hair restoration clinics and surgeons in this city are dependent upon many factors. This is also important to read the total price of the surgical treatments. The experience of the surgeons also plays an important role in enhancing or decreasing the over all price of the treatment. Those surgeons that have many years of experience in the field charge more fees form the patients. They provide the accurate and guaranteed treatment to the patients. They also give less side-effect to patients after the surgery. Fewer risks are involved in the surgeries that are performed by experienced and specialized surgeons

There is tedious time involved in performing these surgeries. Usually it requires from five to ten hours by the surgeon to perform a single surgical session. In the team, nurses and other hair restoration technicians are also there. These all increases the over all price of a surgical treatment.  There are some surgeons in Paris who are charging fewer fees from the patients. But they do not give high quality and desired results to the patients in the end. The total numbers of the grafts that are required by patients also regulate the total price. Most of the clinics of this city have set the price of a single graft; the total number of grafts required by patients is divided by this price. The patients can visit the clinics of the surgeon during initial consultancy to get an accurate estimated price for his surgery. Those coming form another country can get this estimation during visual consultancy from the surgeon.

Paris is one of those cities that are providing a costly hair restoration surgery to the patients. It is estimated that the cost needed for these surgeries ranges from four thousand Euros and can be reached up to thirty thousand Euros in this city. The method of treatment selected by the patients is also an important factor in calculating the total price. Follicular unit transplant, the traditional strip surgical method is the process in which hair follicles are extracted in form of a strip. This method is cheaper hair surgical treatment obtained from the city. In the second method known as follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. It is the most expensive method available in the city. Hair transplant Cost in Paris is more as compared to other countries. This method is very expensive, so that the people from there visit to foreign countries in search of cheap surgery. Hair transplant in Pakistan is low cost and you can get mega session of 2000 to 4000 Fue follicles in 1800-3600 euro. This price 70-85% low than in Paris.

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