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May 23, 2012   Posted by: admin

Hair Loss causes – treatments

Hair Loss Treatment in Pakistan Lahore-Hair loss is largely increasing problem in people of all age, including both men and women. Highly stressing daily life is a major reason of hair loss. In today’s world everyone is going through stress of progressing and meeting every day needs. World is going through recession and life is hectic and stressing for everyone. It is the big factor contributing widely increasing hair loss problem. Now let’s talk about the medical factors that are causing hair loss. They include number of causes such as the iron deficiency, bad or crash diet, poor health, endocrine changes, upset hormones, life style, chemotherapy, genetics, hereditary baldness, some serious infections, autoimmune diseases, any physical severe trauma or it could be anything. Your first concern should be to find out the reason which is causing you hair fall. Your hair surgeon will help you doing that through various tests. Once your problem is detected, it is also important to educate yourself that whether it needs a surgical or medical hair restoration  treatment. Every one cannot be the candidate of hair transplantation. Sometimes the hair fall you are going through is temporary and the hair start growing after some time. Hereditary or some kind of genetic hair fall is permanent and there is no other solution for that except hair transplant surgery.

A good hair transplant surgeon will never convince you for hair restoration before knowing the exact nature of your baldness. There is variety of hair loss treatment in Pakistan Lahore available for hair re growth. There are pills, lotions, oil or other medications are available to control hair fall and they encourage hair re growth. You can use them with the advice of your hair expert. When no medication or therapy works on your hair loss then the only thing left is surgical hair replacement. Hair transplantation is a permanent and long lasting solution. It is an expensive alternative of any other medication. The results of good hair surgery could be phenomenal. It can change your looks literally and the good surgery is not detectable. For a hair loss surgery you have to have a good donor area otherwise it is not conducted and the only last option left for you is the wig. There are many clinics who are specializes in making permanent wigs. These are glued on your head and their life time is few months or years depending on their quality. This is the remedy for those who have complete baldness and poor donor area. The best hair loss treatment in Pakistan Lahore which is permanent and lifelong and natural is hair restoration. It is widely conducted all around the world successfully.

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May 8, 2012   Posted by: admin

Hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore

Hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore is performed with state of art technologies. Hair transplants are the most common surgeries for hair restoration these days. It is important to study the factors that are regulating their costs. You can search about these factors from various hair loss or hair restoration websites. Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that involves permanent hair restoration with the help of follicle transfer. These are considered the most effective solution of baldness these days. These are effective for the long term basis. In these surgeries, hair follicles are extracted from the one portion of the scalp and transplanted to another. When we compare it to other treatments of baldness available in market, these surgeries are the most effective of all. You can find two basic surgical treatments of hair restoration; follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. If you compare the cost of hair surgeries with other medicinal treatments in the long run, you will find that these surgeries cost less amount of money. People residing in developed and busy countries usually prefer this treatment because they do not have time to use medicines regularly for their baldness solution.

Hair transplantation cost in Pakistan Lahore  is dependent upon many important factors. The most important of them is the experience and specialization of the surgeon from whom a patient is planning to obtain his surgery. The question arises in every one mind is that why these surgeries are so expensive? The answer is that a very few number of surgeons can be found that can deal with hair restoration surgical treatments. If a patient will go to such surgeon for his treatment that has notable experience in some recognized hospital and he also has relevant specialization degree, he will charge much fees as compared to the others. The patients who visited expert surgeons have told that they usually give guaranteed results after the surgery. You may get a low cost treatment from some inexpert surgeon, but you will find that the results are unnatural and not guaranteed by him. The clinic where you are planning to get your hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore has also significant affect on the cost of treatment. If you go to a clinic where experienced surgeons are working, you need to pay high fees. The clinics that are updated with all modern equipment and use latest methods for treatment of the patients are also expensive than others. Location of the clinic also matters when it comes to the price. Those clinics that are located in commercialized areas are charging a huge amount of money. If a clinic is located in a place where you can find many other transplant clinics, they all will charge economical fees from patients due to the competition they are facing from each other.

The method of treatment that a patient has selected for his or her treatment also plays an important role in determining the cost of treatment. Those patients that go for follicular unit transplant FUT hair transplant in Pakistan have to pay fewer amounts of fees for their hair surgery. The reason is that this treatment takes less time of doctor. It is the old treatment; so many surgeons are there that can perform accurately this type of surgery. In this method, hair follicles are extracted from the scalp at once with the help of a thin strip. They are later dissected under a microscope. After that, they are inserted into bald areas of the scalp. In the United States you need from 5000$ to 15000 $ if you want to go for this surgery. The second method is known as follicular unit extraction. It is the newer method and it costs much price than traditional surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. Patients get minimum scarring and bleeding during this surgery. This makes the treatment more costly than other methods of hair restoration. You need up to thirty three thousand dollars, if you want to get the treatment in the United States. Developed countries charge more Hair restoration Price than developing countries. Patients these days go to such countries for a low cost treatment. You can get best quality hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore between 1200-2500$ which is 70% less than developed countries.

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