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Cheap Hair Transplant Malaysia

Hair transplant in Malaysia information- Hair restoration is the treatment that helps the patients in restoring their hairs back on the scalp. This treatment is very costly in most of the developed countries. Patients who want to get a cheap treatment can visit Malaysia for their hair surgery. Hair surgery is the hair loss solution that helps the several who are suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. It also helps in curing all other forms of hairless. This treatment uses hair follicles to restore the hairs back on the scalp. It is the only permanent hair loss treatment available in the world. Hair follicles are extracted form one place and they are implanted to the balding areas of the scalp. These surgeries cost very huge amount of money. They are not also covered by any hair surgery in the world. It is dream of every bald and hairless patient to obtain a low pieced surgery form any other country.  Fortunately Malaysia is one of those countries that are offering cheap hair surgeries to the patients form all over the world. This country is located in Southeast of Asia. It shares its border with six other countries. The best health care systems there in the country that is providing all basic treatments to the patients. The country earns from its natural resources, commerce, banking and medical tourism. People from different other countries came hare to get treatments on reasonable prices. A lot of tourists visit this country to obtain a low cost hair restoration surgical treatment.

It is estimated that in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, the price needed for hair restoration surgery ranges from eight thousand dollars to thirty one thousand dollars. The single hair graft can be obtained on five dollars to twelve dollars from these countries. People residing in these countries do not have time to spend on the non surgical treatments and medicines. They want to get a hair surgery so they can get permanent rid of baldness. But these surgeries are very expensive in their countries. But now they can came in Malaysia to get a high quality treatment on an affordable price. They can save their seventy percent of money by getting treatment in this country. They can also enjoy their vacation and have treatment at a time. They only needs to pay travel expenses and hotel rent apart from the over all surgical cost.

Traditional surgical treatment of follicular unit transplant is less expensive  hair transplant in Malaysia. A single FUT hair graft costs one dollar in this country. This treatment is cheap because there are many surgeons that can provide an accurate treatment to the patients. Hair follicles are extracted at once through this method. So it is easy for the surgeon to perform quickly this hair surgery. The newer surgical method that is follicular unit extraction is the most expensive hair restoration surgical treatment in Malaysia. But as compared to other countries this surgery is cheap and less costly. An average FUE graft can be obtained on two dollars from this country. This cost is as doubled as the traditional treatment. Reason is that a few surgeons re there who are expert in performing this newer method on the patients. Another important reason is that it takes much time and effort of a surgeon to perform this surgical operation on the patients. So they charge more money form the patients. To find the cheap hair clinics in this country, patients can also take help of internet. They can visit various websites and online hair restoration forums to find about the clinics offering a low priced treatment to the patients. Price minutely varies from one clinic to another. The rate of surgery is almost same in all the clinics in the country. The total cost is also dependent upon the number of follicles that are needed by a patient.Hair Transplant in Malaysia does not mean that this treatment will be of low quality. They are charging low fees from the patients, but they meet all internationally set requirements. However when we compare prices with neighboring countries then hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 80% low than in Malaysia.

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