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Does Body Hair Transplant Work

Does Body Hair Transplant Work? Follicular unit extraction  has evolved during recent years and in case a person does not have enough hair on the head, it is possible to use body hair to cover bald patches on the head.

Hair loss is an issue that has gained attention from many medical researchers and much advancement is seen for the purpose of hair restoration. Everywhere in the world treatments are available for those who suffer from baldness. It is seen that the hair restoration surgery is the most successful and result yielding treatment since it does not only stop hair loss but also covers the damage that is already done. It is the process of extracting follicle from an area of good growth, usually at the back of the head, and planting it on the bald batch. This surgery is suitable for people of all ages and gender. However, if a person has extremely less donor grafts on the scalp, how is it possible to cover the bald patches? During recent years, this procedure has improved to the extent that doctors use body hair, extracting follicles from arms, chest or legs and replacing them on the scalp. In some cases, where baldness is severe and there is no dense patch of hair on the head, body hair transplant can be used.People who have question in their mind that does body hair transplant work- they should understand now that body follicles to head excellent success rate. However, it has been observed that the body hair’s texture and thickness is different from the scalp and so the difference in texture might be visible. If done on the hairline, this kind of BHT can appear unpleasant. On the other hand, if the body hair is used at the crown or top of the head, it may look natural and in fact might provide the thick and dense look that the patient desires. The male pattern of baldness shows that the individual loses hair from the frontal area and as baldness gets more severe, the bald patch may spread till the crown of the head. In many men, baldness is visible in the crown area of the head only. This leaves a bald patch from the top while from the front is normal. This kind of a surgical procedure requires around 1,000 grafts in order to cover the crown of the head. This amount of grafts can be readily taken from arms and legs. The texture of the hair may be coarser as body hair is rough when compared to the scalp. For maximum results and a natural look, the choice of a surgeon is an essential decision since it is the skill and experience of a surgeon that gets the results that a patient desires. The patient must look for a surgeon who has the reputation of performing difficult surgeries that involve body follicles in order to be able to give a natural finish. Scalp hair is an important part of any person’s outlook and therefore it is very difficult to entrust this kind of a surgery to a surgeon whose experience and talent is unknown. These days, the hair restoration done in Pakistan are increasing in number, indicating that the surgeons here work on numerous cases on a daily basis. This enhances their skill and also makes them capable of dealing with different kinds of cases. It is best recommended that a person interested in hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad must look for a good surgeon first. He must do some prior research in order to find a surgeon who is most suitable in terms of cost and final result. Once the decision is made, the surgeon’s experience and artistry can give the results any patient desires.

Does Body Hair Transplant Work ? Using body follicles is being done these days. This is most suitable for people who have extremely less donor  on the scalp and therefore the donor site has to be at a part of the body where there is dense and strong hair available.

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