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Donor area after hair transplant

What will happen to donor area after hair transplant procedure? 

There are two hair restoration techniques called FUT (Follicular unit transplant) as well as FUE (Follicular unit Extraction). Strip procedure or FUT left linear scar in the donor area. This scar is covered by hair above and below this linear line. FUE procedure do not leave any linear scar. Sometimes tiny white holes may be visible but often invisible.

FUT donor area stitchesTricophytic Closure in strip or FUT procedure by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore at his clinic.  Incision is made with parallel to follicles and then 1 to 3 mm skin is trimmed either from upper or lower edge and edges are closed with suture or staple. The basic purpose of  tricophytic closure  hair will emerge from this scar tissue  and it would appear as normal hair  in the donor area.

 What will happen to donor area after Fue hair transplant

Fue donor area scar

Donor area view after 19 days. Hair regrow in the donor site though some thinning is present but as time will pass these hair will become more closer with each other.

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