Cause of Hair Loss in women

Hair loss is something that really is a nightmare for anyone, especially in women. The growth of the hair and the reason for the hair fall can be visualized like a garden in which plants grow. The growth of the hair depends upon what is going on underground. A normal hair cycle leads to a nice healthy hair, whereas when the hair grows crooked that caused the hair to lose.

Hair loss is a prominent problem in men, but women also suffer from this problem in which their hair started to become thin from the entire head. Mostly this thinning and losing of hair started to happen in the early 50s or 60s, but the hair fall can happen at any time at any age due to the diversity of reasons.

Cause of hair loss in women

Women undergo through many hormonal changes throughout their life. Telogen Effluvium is an observable fact that take place after pregnancy, extreme stress, major surgery or drastic weight loss. In this case women shed a large number of hair almost every day, mostly while shampooing, brushing or styling the hair. During the telogen effluvium phase the hair shifts very quickly than the normal growing phase and from there into the resting phase before it quickly moves into the telogen or shedding phase.

Certain kinds of medications can also have some side effects through which hair loss occurs.  Medicines like beta-blockers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory or antidepressant drugs can have their side effects leads towards hair loss in women.When the hair started to lose very quickly like a handful from 6 weeks to 3 months after the traumatic event, could be the alarming symptom of hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary hair loss pattern, and the major cause of hair loss in women. The genes are inherited from the both sides of the father and the mother. The women whose both parents have suffered from the hair loss are more likely to have it. Having this trait the women mostly develops thinning at their hairline. This condition may occur slowly and may start in early 20s, a girl may become helpless if her mother has the thinning pattern.

The dermatologists examine the hair pattern in order to figure out whether the hair fall is due to the hereditary or the blood work is the cause. The biopsy of the scalp is being done by the dermatologists to see if the hair follicles have been restored with tiny follicles or there is a reliable sign of hereditary hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss

Women can slow down the hair loss by applying minoxidil twice a day on their scalp. This medicine works for both men and women, but women should use the lower-strength formula of minoxidil in order to prevent the unnecessary side effects. Minoxidil should not be taken during pregnancy or nursing.

Hair loss can be a sign of a serious medical condition, that should be evaluated by a dermatologist in order to get treated. Avoiding unnecessary blow drying and shampooing along with the application of low-quality hair products can help one prevent the hair loss.

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