Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Fue hair transplant in Lahore at his clinic and extracted 4656 grafts by follicular unit extraction procedure. Patient, Mr.R.A visited three hair restoration clinics in London and one hair transplant clinic in Manchester UK and choose Cosmoderma clinic for advance level of male pattern baldness. Patient age was 56 years and he did not expect too much low frontal hairline so it was decided to follow same natural existing hairline so that his Fue results will not give him artificial look. There are many professional doctors and surgeons offer hair loss treatment in Lahore but patient selected Dr.Ahmad clinic due to before and after Fue hair transplant photos, video testimonials, reviews and results.

Follicular unit extraction procedure was started at 8:30 AM on 05th May 2016 and 2811 grafts were extracted by Dr.Ahmad on day 1 and 1845 grafts were extracted on day 2 so total 4656 grafts were transplanted in two days procedure. Normally Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic performs mega session of 3000 + grafts in six hours so that maximum density and area can be covered.

Initial Plan for hair restoration

It was planned during initial consultation that frontal, mid and part of crown area should be covered by Fue procedure. Two days procedure was planned so that less graft would die and maximum hair regrowth or survival can be achieved.

Fue hair transplant mega session Lahore