Fue hair transplant 4 months Later -20% Growth 

Fue hair transplant photos and growth after 4th month- procedure was performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan. The purpose of these photos to give you an idea, don’t expect result or growth in two to four months period. Transplanted hair growth starts after 3rd month and 10% results will be visible. At the end of 4th month Post op, only 20% results are expected. Best Fue clinic often add photos of patients.


4th Month Growth after FUE hair transplant


Can we Stimulate hair Growth after Fue procedure?

Hair growth after Fue procedure will take time and there is nothing which can accelerate their growth. It’s a natural process and definitely will take time. However if someone wants to use Minoxidil or any other hair loss control product for existing hair, freely use such products. We will advise and recommend to share information to your doctor otherwise some products containing strong chemical may damage transplanted follicles.

Success rate –Fue hair transplant procedure

Fue hair transplant success rate is same as other methods of hair restoration. However due to tiny or skinny in nature, these grafts need more careful handling and hydration. It all depends upon doctor and his experienced team. We may say there is more than 98% success rate after follicular unit extraction procedure.

Hair Graft Survival during Fue procedure

Fue grafts survival needs careful extraction, dissection and handling. Therefore during extraction from donor area and placing these grafts into holding solution and keeping these hydrated while implanting is a basic step for future good results.

Hair growth expectations for future months

At the end of 4th month one should expect 20% results and then you may add 10% growth in next 9 months. Fue procedure produce more than 90% results at the end of 12th month. Do not be in hurry as growth of grafts or new hair will take time.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Role in Fue hair transplant

PRP treatment can be combined with Fue procedure for rapid healing. However PRP cannot grow new hair. Its role is to strengthen existing hair. To increase diameter of thin or miniaturized hair into thick diameter so that hair will look voluminous.

Four months passed – still not hair growth after FUE

There is no need to be panic as some patients are early growers while others are later growers. We should not conclude at 4th month post Op Fue that transplanted hair will not grow. We should wait for another few months to see results and you may conclude at the end of 9 to 11 months.