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Fue Hair Transplant Islamabad

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan Islamabad
Hair transplantation is the much raved cosmetic treatment for hair loss and many high profile people have gone through this. Many movie stars, players, and other political figures that we admire and see in our daily life have preferred this treatment for baldness and thinning of hair. People are now getting more and more educated on this topic and it is clear that this is the best treatment so far and there are no side effects of the procedure. There are many techniques used in hair restoration surgery. Previously it was limited to treat only those people who have small area that is bald and rest of the scalp is tight and dense, so the strip of hair grafts was removed from the back or sides of the head where there is permanent hair and after dissecting they were planted to the bald area. It was a major issue for the people who have not an appropriate or required donor area.
After the years of research and with the expansion of reconstructive surgery, a special emphasis was given to hair transplantation in order to cater maximum number of people. In Pakistan there are many well equipped clinics with highly qualified surgeons who are following all the international and latest techniques to serve people of their nation. Now there is no need to go abroad for latest medical techniques. FUE or follicle unit extraction is the technique that is ideal for the people of all ages, men and women and especially for those who wants to have hair transplantation that is aesthetical and undetectable. Although it is unbelievable that how a surgery could be undetectable but medical science makes it possible and it is not less than a miracle.  It is not a worry for those people who have minor hair on scalp that is unable to donate to bald area. FUE helps in extracting hair follicle from any part of the body that has hair. Now the question is how it is possible? It is possible because in this technique there is no incision given on any donating area. The hair follicles are removed one by one by making small punches around the hair and it is extracted. This is done by a specially designed instrument. The process is carried out under stereo microscopes. An experienced surgeon and team is required to perform this procedure and make it successful. After extracting the grafts they are inserted in the bald area with the help of a micro blade. This surgery is pain free because local anesthesia is given and patient is fully awake during the operation. The best part of fue is that it offers very quick healing for about 24-48 hours and one can carry his/her daily activities of life according to routine. It also helps in camouflaging the scars of the previous head surgery if any.
The most important thing is the cost of the surgery which is every person’s consideration who is planning for an FUE hair transplant. The cost is higher than the strip harvesting method because it is offering all that which strip technique does not. It is a no touch technique and cosmetically acclaimed. The cost of one hair follicle is 125RS which is very reasonable in Pakistan if you compare it with any other country in the world.
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