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Fue Hair Transplant Perth Australia

Follicular Unit Extraction in Perth

FUE hair transplant in Perth Australia is the latest and by far the most efficient method of surgery. There are many surgeons and clinics in Perth where quality procedures are performed everyday. These days life has become very fast-paced and people are in a constant grind and run in order to achieve higher goals and a better lifestyle. This has led to many problems as well. Baldness has been a menace faced by many people undergoing stress and deficiencies due to lack of nutrition. The fast lifestyle and stress level is one of the reasons for hair loss. In previous ages there was a lesser number of people suffering from this, while there were lesser options to cure it as well. The use wigs and artificial hair to conceal bald patches was the only solution. However, due to progressive cosmetic medicine, hair loss surgery has become a popular procedure and is one of the most common procedures of cosmetic surgery today. Hair surgery includes removal of hair follicles from any part of the body that has more hair and to use these follicles to cover the bald area. The surgery might be done in one day or might require a number of visits, depending on few factors related to the candidate. The number of sittings needed for this procedure also depends on the method of surgery opted for. There are two methods of collecting hair follicles; one is the Strip Harvesting method and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Strip Harvesting involves collecting hair follicles in the form of a strip, from areas with good hair density, such as the back of the head or above the ears. This strip is then further dissected into follicular units and then planted on the bald patch in small sections. Usually, this kind of surgery leaves slight scars at the donor site, but this can be concealed with an appropriate length of the surrounding hair. This procedure is common but is not as costly as FUE. On the other hand, FUE surgeries involve collecting hair follicles individually and planting these hair follicles into the bald patch. Not only is this method more expensive for the candidate, it may not be suitable for everyone since this kind of a surgery needs clearance of a few tests to ensure that the candidate can endure such a surgery. As far as side effects are concerned, the recipients may only suffer from swelling of the area surrounding the surgery wound; however, this swelling can be managed with medication. Post-surgery care involves taking antibiotics to avoid infection and to heal the wound. Other than this, surgeons recommend shampooing hair a day after the surgery to ensure that the area remains clean and there is no obstruction in the transplanted hair follicles to start growth. Previously these cosmetic surgery procedures were used for purposes such as concealing accidental scars or deformities by birth, but gradually it became popular for cosmetic purposes. First time Fue hair transplant in Australia was performed by Australian hair specialist and since it is the birthplace of the most successful method of hair restoration, people often consider going to Australia for treatment. However, the cost is much higher than that in countries such as Pakistan. Surgeons in Pakistan are well reputed to have the skill and experience required to conduct the same kind of surgeries as are available in Australia. Presently, Fue has become one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic surgeries. With time, reluctance or fear of hair surgery has also decreased.  FUE hair transplant in Perth is considered very successful since Australia is the birthplace of this method. However, the cost of this surgery is very high here. Medical tourism is a emerging industry and people travel abroad for cheap hair transplant in Pakistan where one may get 70-80% less price than in Australia.

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