Suitable candidates for FUE Hair Transplant

For all those who are the victim of hair loss, often keep on searching for the ways to get rid of this problem. Hair loss leads towards baldness which make one’s self-esteem really low. The candidates for hair transplantation, which actually is not the case. The evaluation of the candidates is on an individual basis. There are two kinds of hair restoration procedures that are popular among the public. One is FUT or the strip surgery and the other one is FUE, which is the latest and most modern technique.

Most of the hair loss victims desires to go for the FUE procedure in Lahore. The reason for it is that, FUE hair restoration surgery is less painful than the strip one and the results are far better than the strip surgery.

Candidates suitable for FUE Hair Transplantation

For getting hair transplantation done through the FUE procedure, age is a very determining factor. As in the Fue surgery, the doctors harvest the hair individually, and if the candidate is too young (18-25) years old then there is chance of incorrect distribution of a premium amount of recipient hair as the hair loss in that age is mostly due to the hormonal changes. In such a situation the doctor will be unable to figure out about the severity of hair loss in the future. Thus the young people are really not the suitable candidates for Fue or any other hair restoration procedure.

The gender also depicts the candidate’s eligibility for getting a Fue hair transplant. The hair loss in men is completely different from that of women. In women hair loss is often thinning of the entire head, while men have localized regions of thinning. If there is someone with the diffuse type of thinning than he is really not the suitable candidate for Fue procedure, whereas those women who have localized regions of hair loss can be the suitable candidates for hair restoration

The stability of the hair loss in the person makes it easy for the doctor to put grafts into his right region. Treatment of hair loss can even be done with the drugs like Rogaine and Propecia. For those men whose hair loss scale is 1 or 2 on the Norwood hair loss scale are really not the suitable candidates for a Fue hair transplant.

The density of the hair also makes one a suitable candidate for the Fue hair transplantation, as the thicker and coarser the hair is the better results it will show. The availability of the hair gets increased for hair transplantation. If the hair type is more wavy, than the appearance would be more dense as it has more body than that of the straight hair.

The race of a person also determine his suitability for getting Fue procedure. Asians have less follicular density and straight hair than that of the Caucasians. Consultation with the doctor is a must who is experienced in treating Asian patients. Blacks mostly have curly hair, which makes them perfect candidates for hair transplantation.

The loose scalp makes it easy for the doctor to harvest the hair as it has more lax than the tight scalp.

One can be a suitable candidate for getting Fue Hair Transplant if he falls in any of these categories.

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