Hair loss treatment in Pakistan is provided with different techniques like Fue as well as FUT.  Hair fall is a problem that almost everyone faces. While some people experience less than 100 hairs per day, there are many reasons why people suffer severe loss of hair at any age, especially after puberty. It may be inherited but there are many diseases that cause hair fall as well. Normally, an individual loses around 100 strands of hair but in case a person has gone through an illness or was bed ridden due to an infection, hair loss follows. What really happens is that while a person suffers from some illness and is taking medication, the hair goes into a resting phase and does nt fall at the daily 100-strand average that it should. Right after the illness passes, the hair that had been in the resting phase during illness along with the daily hair loss, couple up and fall together. This makes the number of hair coming off daily more than the usual and it gives an impact that one is having partial baldness. This kind of hair loss is temporary and may be recovered once the illness has totally passed out. Many diseases are commonly found that cause hair shedding, such as alopecia. Alopecia has a few types, such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and scarring alopecia. The androgenetic alopecia is caused by the genetic make-up that deduces the hair type, texture, natural hair pattern and the life of a hair strand.Hair loss treatment in Pakistan are based on cause and doctor will advice you suitable method to treat your problem. In some people the life of an individual strand of hair is lesser than the average age of hair for the certain age group or ethnicity that the person belongs to. Apart from this, hair loss is triggered by deficiencies and crash diets that cause a reduction in the amount of nutrients consumed and hence the amount of nourishment that hair receive is reduced or nullified and causes the hair to become lifeless and wither off. These disorders can be eliminated by taking good supplements that effect the hair growth process and to recover.

Hair loss treatment in Lahore

Hair loss treatment solution in Pakistan has received attention from medical science, researchers and scientists have formulated medicines and procedures to overcome it. Medications include popular names such as Minoxidil and propecia which cause removal of hormonal compositions that hinder hair growth. Apart from this, surgical methods and laser treatment are also available for people undergoing serious hair thinning or partial pattern baldness. Hair transplant is a successful surgical procedure that ensures coverage of bald patches for a long time. Hair transplant is done in two main ways; Strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The procedure of hair transplant is decided by the surgeon after examination of the level of baldness, its causes and effects. It is advisable for every patient to first focus on the cause of hair fall. In case it is caused by any illness, it is best to recover from it totally and then seek treatment otherwise the existent illness or disorder will cause hair loss to occur again. There are plenty of hair loss treatment at our clinic in Lahore starting from herbal, natural, medical to surgical. Popular treatments:-

FUE- Follicular unit extraction                               FUT- Follicular unit transplant

Auto inject hair transplant                                      Female hair loss treatment

PRP hair treatment                                                   Hair regrowth injections

Eyebrow, eyelashes transplant                               Body hair transplant

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