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Hair Plantation Germany

Hair plantation in Germany is performed at all big cities like Frankfurt,Berlin,Hamburg Munich and Cologne.However due to recession high prices of hair restoration are not easy to afford and people travel to our clinic for cheap hair transplant procedure without compromising quality.Hair loss treatments have been introduced during the last century to help people look and feel younger. The best method out of all is the surgical method of planting follicles on the bald patch. In Germany, the latest techniques and methods are being practiced. Germany is a developed European country and has the latest technology and most advanced medical facilities. However, these medical facilities are very expensive hence a procedure such as hair transplantation, which is more expensive than ordinary medical treatments is exorbitantly priced. This is the reason people prefer to go to cheaper destinations for treatments. There are two basic techniques of hair restoration, the strip method and the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE). The strip method is simpler and involves removal of donor area in the form of a strip . The wound from this removal is stitched using stainless steel staples. There is always a permanent scar left on the donor site. The donor site is usually the back of the head and since the strip method leaves a scar, it is preferred that the donor site is at the back of the head so the scar can be concealed by the surrounding hair. This strip is then dissected into smaller follicular units and then planted on the bald patch. The FUE method is more technical and involves a high degree of care and caution. Individual follicles are extracted from the donor site and then planted one by one on the bald patch. This method involves the surgeon’s skill and expertise and therefore the choice of the surgeon is very important. The procedure surgery was initially done in the 1950s to treat baldness resulting from accidental scars and burns. Due to the phenomenal success of this procedure, it became a cosmetic surgery and therefore more advanced studies were done to introduce newer ways. The results of surgery were not as fine as they are now. They often produced bumpy scalps and the hair appeared to look as if they are growing from a single opening in the head, like doll’s hair. The whole procedure of hair transplant is a meticulous job and requires a good surgeon. It is essential for the patient to do some prior research and look for a surgeon who suits him best. This can be done by exploring the Internet and consulting surgeons through mailing pictures of the bald patch. Once the surgeon sends back an estimate of the number of grafts needed and the final cost of the surgery, the patient can compare the various surgeons and make a decision. In Pakistan, a high number of patients travel to get quality treatment from the surgeons available. Due to this heavy influx of patients, the surgeons are well experienced and have great skills through performing numerous operations all day. The experience and skills of the surgeons in Pakistan are undoubted due to performing procedures on a large number of people who belong to different ethnicities and nationalities. The whole procedure is simple for the patient but difficult and laborious for the surgeon since he has to concentrate on the plantation of grafts in the same direction and pattern of existing hair growth. The whole procedure has a limited healing period and hence someone traveling for surgery can travel back within a week.

 Hair plantation in Germany is done using the latest methods. There are many big cities in the country that offer numerous surgeons for this procedure. A patient must do some prior research in order to find the best surgeon.

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