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Hair Restoration Holland

Hair restoration in Holland- Due to an increased number of people suffering from hair loss, several methods of hair restoration have been introduced. In Holland, Netherlands the latest methods and techniques are available. During recent years a lot of work has been done to introduce surgical hair replacement methods, which have been helping people regain their lost confidence and feel better about their appearance. Hair is a vital part of a person’s outlook and hence care and maintenance should be dealt with. The methods of hair regrowth can be non surgical as well as surgical. We will first look in to the surgical method of hair transplantation since it is the most result yielding procedure and has become most popular. The hair transplant procedure is the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. The surgery is a technical procedure and greatly depends on the surgeon’s skills and experience. For the patient, it is considered an easy operation since there are not many tools required and the procedure is carried out in a clinical environment. The whole procedure is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The first step of the process is an initial consultation during which the surgeon assesses the number of grafts needed and the time or number of sessions required for the completion. Apart from this, the final cost of the procedure is also discussed. Once the surgeon and patient decide the method of procedure, the surgeon always prepares his patient for the results and clears out all unrealistic expectations. This helps in maximizing the results and improves the chance of the patient coming out of surgery fully satisfied. The surgeon cleans the patient’s scalp before surgery so that the scalp is absolutely free of dirt or any residue. The hair is then removed using a high degree microscope. In case of strip method, the surgeon cuts out the strip using a scalpel and then stitches the wound with the help of staples. This always leaves a scar at the donor site. In case of FUE method, the surgeon uses tiny punches to extract hair follicles which have to be removed in such a way that the surrounding hair is not damaged. Once the extraction is done, the surgeon and patient take a small break. After the break, the plantation is completed. The healing period for hair restoration in Holland or abroad is very short and has minimal side effects. This surgery is exorbitantly priced in the Netherlands and therefore many people come to Pakistan in search of a surgery of the same quality but at a much lesser price. It is always necessary for the patient to do some basic research about the surgeons, their result successes and the cost at which they perform surgeries. It is very essential to go through the testimonials f past patients in order to conclude what a certain surgeon’s reputation is. These days it is easy for a person in Holland to consult a surgeon in Pakistan. They simply have to send a picture of their bald patch to the surgeon who assesses the grafts and sessions needed for full coverage. The final cost is also decided through emails and before traveling, the patient can make his choice. Accommodation and travel expenses of Pakistan are also very low and thence the whole package costs lesser than just the surgery in Holland.

 Hair restoration in Holland is a costly procedure and hence anybody interested in it must do some prior research to find the right surgeon at the right cost. Hair transplant in Pakistan ,Mexico,Brazil and Thailand is much cheaper and affordable.

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