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Hair Transplant Cost Germany

Hair transplant cost in Germany is charged 3.00 to 4.00 €/graft and people travel abroad for cheap hair restoration procedure. Germany and other European countries have expensive medical facilities due to which people prefer to travel to other countries where the results of surgeries are almost same but the cost is much lesser. There are certain factors due to which hair transplant cost in Germany charged higher.

  1. Currency is stronger as well as Taxes on cosmetic medical procedures.
  2. Each and every material is disposable and purchased from European countries so their material cost is high.
  3. Hair restoration surgeons fee is high and same with nurses or paramedical staff.
  4. Though some surgeons have good expertise but mostly doctors of other countries are best for results.

Germany offers latest techniques and facilities for medical treatments but the cost of these procedures is very high. Many people travel to countries like Pakistan where cheaper facilities are available while the results are almost the same. The reason for this medical tourism is also that the surgeons in Pakistan are well experienced and have great skills which enable them to bring about the results that the patients require. Hair transplant cost in Germany is high and falls between 5,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros, which is out of reach for a large number of patients. This is why they prefer to travel to countries like Pakistan. The cost of the same procedure in Pakistan is between 1,000 Euros and 1,500 Euros. The cost of a procedure directly varies with the amount of work needed to be done in any individual case; however, since the price of this procedure is out of reach of many common people, they travel eastwards. In eastern countries such as Pakistan, all the latest techniques are available but since the medical facilities available in the country are generally cheaper; procedures such as hair surgery are also comparatively much cheaper than in the west. Pakistan has an increased amount of medical tourism, in which there is a large proportion of patients who enter the country looking for good surgeons who can perform hair surgery and provide the desired results. Before any kind of treatment, a person must find out the cause of hair loss and get it corrected through proper medication. In case the root cause is not corrected or cured, any method of hair restoration might fail. Once the reason of hair loss is corrected, a candidate must do some research about the procedure of hair restoration and make a good choice concerning the surgeon. The surgeon is majorly responsible for the end result of a surgery since it is his skill and expertise that produces the right results. This research is made easy by the websites and various blogs where people share their experiences and often recommend a certain surgeon. During the surgery, the patient is awake since it is done under the effect of local anesthesia. This implies that the clinical environment is also essential. A patient’s comfort level is an indicator that the results will b maximized hence the clinical ambiance and atmosphere holds importance. It has become convenient for patients to hold an initial consultation with a surgeon of another country. Patients can mail pictures of their scalp and the surgeon sends an assessment of the number of grafts and sessions that are needed to cover baldness. Apart from this the cost is also discussed. After comparing the cost and results of various surgeons a patient can remotely appoint a surgeon and then make travel and accommodation plans. Surgeons in Pakistan are known for their amicable disposition and therefore provide the patient with a comfortable environment where they can freely clear any ambiguity. The surgeons always prepare the patient for the final result and clear out any unrealistic expectations. This way, a significant majority of patients are satisfied. Usually, surgeons are available even after surgery to observe the results and correct them if needed. The patient is always given a post surgery care routine which must be followed to maximize the results and reduce the chance of any side effects.

Hair transplant cost in Germany and other western countries is much more than in the eastern countries. These days the internet has made it easier for patients to look for a good surgeon anywhere in the world. Hair Transplant in Pakistan is 75% lower as compared to western countries and a lot of patients from Germany travel for best hair transplant in Pakistan.

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