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Hair transplant cost Paris

Hair transplant cost in Paris

Paris is the most developed city in the world. Hair transplant, the permanent hair restoration treatments are also found in this city. These treatments are very costly in the hair loss clinics of the city. The cost is based upon various factors. Paris is the capital city of France that is located on in the north of the country and it is situated near River Seine. It is population of more than twelve million people. It is one of the global cities that are famous for its culture, arts, music, business, science, entertainment, movie, politics and education. It attracts thousands of tourists from the different parts of the world to visit its heritages. Like other cities of France, it also has the best health care system. Hair restoration surgeries are also accessible to those who want to get these treatments. In these surgical procedures, hair follicles are extracted from dense hair region and they are implanted to the balding portions of the scalp. Before getting these surgeries, it is important to find the total costs of these treatments. This is necessary because there is no health insurance in this city that can cover the price of these hair restoration surgeries. These hair surgeries are offered in various clinics of the city form last two decades. Now with the additional of new treatments, patients are given more choices. But like all other medical treatments, these newly introduced surgical treatments are more expensive than others. Most of the people in the city cannot go for the surgical treatment of hair loss problems because of the high prices involved with these surgeries. The prices that are charge by hair restoration clinics and surgeons in this city are dependent upon many factors. This is also important to read the total price of the surgical treatments. The experience of the surgeons also plays an important role in enhancing or decreasing the over all price of the treatment. Those surgeons that have many years of experience in the field charge more fees form the patients. They provide the accurate and guaranteed treatment to the patients. They also give less side-effect to patients after the surgery. Fewer risks are involved in the surgeries that are performed by experienced and specialized surgeons

There is tedious time involved in performing these surgeries. Usually it requires from five to ten hours by the surgeon to perform a single surgical session. In the team, nurses and other hair restoration technicians are also there. These all increases the over all price of a surgical treatment.  There are some surgeons in Paris who are charging fewer fees from the patients. But they do not give high quality and desired results to the patients in the end. The total numbers of the grafts that are required by patients also regulate the total price. Most of the clinics of this city have set the price of a single graft; the total number of grafts required by patients is divided by this price. The patients can visit the clinics of the surgeon during initial consultancy to get an accurate estimated price for his surgery. Those coming form another country can get this estimation during visual consultancy from the surgeon.

Paris is one of those cities that are providing a costly hair restoration surgery to the patients. It is estimated that the cost needed for these surgeries ranges from four thousand Euros and can be reached up to thirty thousand Euros in this city. The method of treatment selected by the patients is also an important factor in calculating the total price. Follicular unit transplant, the traditional strip surgical method is the process in which hair follicles are extracted in form of a strip. This method is cheaper hair surgical treatment obtained from the city. In the second method known as follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. It is the most expensive method available in the city. Hair transplant Cost in Paris is more as compared to other countries. This method is very expensive, so that the people from there visit to foreign countries in search of cheap surgery. Hair transplant in Pakistan is low cost and you can get mega session of 2000 to 4000 Fue follicles in 1800-3600 euro. This price 70-85% low than in Paris.

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