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Hair transplant cost Perth

Hair transplant cost in Perth

Perth is a developed metropolitan of Western Australia and there are all the latest techniques of surgery available there. Hair transplant cost in Perth Australia  is much higher than in countries such as Pakistan. Hair surgery is the process of removing hair from an area of good hair growth and planting it on an area of poor or no hair growth. This is a simple procedure in terms that it is performed in a clinical environment with very few instruments. The patient is given local anesthesia for the surgery therefore it is a comfortable surgery for the patient. At the same time, it is a technical procedure for the surgeon since it requires skill, expertise and an artistic hand. The patient has to choose the right surgeon since it is difficult to entrust your outlook to a person whose reputation is unknown. This is why it is always advised that a person must do some research about the surgeons available so that they select the best surgeon for their hair. Perth is the capital of Western Australia. Australia is the homeland of the latest technique of hair regeneration surgery, namely the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of surgery. When choosing any medical treatment, a person always considers two aspects, the cost of the surgery and the end result. In case of hair restoration, the cost is already much higher if compared to normal medical treatments. The hair regeneration surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the FUE method. The FUE method requires a higher degree of skill and caution and hence it costs much more than the strip method. In Perth, the cost of a hair restoration surgery is between $4,000 and $14,000. This is a high price and therefore out of reach for many ordinary people. The same type of surgery is available in Pakistan by extremely qualified and experienced surgeons who charge much lesser. The cost bracket for hair surgery in Pakistan is from $1,000 to $4,000. The FUE method is charged according to the number of grafts and in Pakistan, the rate of planting each follicle is around $1 to $3. The average cost of planting a single follicle in Perth is around $6 to $10. This is a huge difference and people consider traveling to Pakistan for such procedures. The doctors and surgeons practicing in Pakistan are known for their amicable nature and vast experience. They are experienced and skilled since they deal with a large number of cases every day. The same phenomenon is valid for hair restoration procedures that are being performed in Pakistan. It has many medical centers and clinics where hair restoration methods are being performed every day. The surgeons practicing in the country are skilled and have a lot of experience. Hair transplantation is done in the major cities of Pakistan and hundreds of surgeries are performed at medical centers and clinics located there. The surgeon is not only expected to extract hair follicles but he is also supposed to observe the natural pattern of the existing hair and then plant the new follicles in the same pattern. The transplant has to be very natural otherwise the whole purpose of the procedure fails. Apart from this, the apathy and the comfort that a surgeon provides is vital for the patient to relax and entrust his appearance to a surgeon. All these qualities are found in a majority of Pakistani surgeons and this is the asset that sets them apart. FUE transplant is offered by several surgeons in Pakistan and this procedure is performed at their clinics where world class equipments are used and the results are successful. Hair transplant cost in Perth is much higher than in countries like Pakistan. This is the reason many people consider traveling to Pakistan for a quality procedure.

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