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Hair transplant cost Sweden

Hair transplant cost in Sweden

Hair transplantation surgery is being done everywhere in the world but the cost of this procedure is much higher in the United States and in European countries like Sweden. Hair loss has become an issue that a large number of people suffer from. The increased competition and stress levels, illnesses and deficiencies are some of the reasons of hair loss. It is essential that a person looking for hair restoration must first find out the cause of hair loss. This cause must be treated and corrected before applying any method of hair regeneration. In case it is not cured, the method of hair restoration will obviously fail and hair fall will recur. The patient must gather some information about the various methods available. It has been proven that the surgical method of hair transplantation is the most result yielding method and hence there is a large number of people who turn to it to fight hair loss. In Sweden, which is a European country, the medical facilities are of world class and the surgeons are well qualified and experienced. The results of the procedures performed there are good but the cost is the matter of concern for almost all patients. The cost bracket for a hair transplantation surgery in Sweden is between 3,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros, which is very high for a large number of people. It is advised that a person looking for a good hair surgery in Sweden must do some research to find cheaper destinations for the same kind of procedures. In Pakistan, the latest techniques and facilities are available and the surgeons are extremely friendly and skilful. Hair transplant surgery involves the removal of hair from one place of good growth and planting this hair on the bald patch. This kind of surgery was initially done in the 1950s. It was done to conceal accidental scars or to cover a gap in hair growth resulting from burns or birth deformities. Due to the success of this procedure, surgeons started practicing it for cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic enhancements. For men as well as women, hair transplants prove to be a permanent cure for baldness. There are two basic ways of hair transplant surgery and while in some western countries only FUE method is used, the strip method is in practice in Pakistan. The Strip harvest method involves the removal of hair in a strip that is usually taken from the back of the head since there is good hair growth there. The place from where hair is extracted is called the donor site. Once the strip is removed, the wound on the donor site is stapled using surgical staples and this leaves a scar at the back of the head. This strip is then divided into smaller units and then planted on the bald patch. This method is not as expensive as the other type of hair transplant surgery, called the Follicular nit Extraction (FUE). FUE involves removal of individual hair follicles and then these are planted on the bald patch. FUE requires careful skill and good judgment on the surgeon’s part since he has to observe the right hair pattern and then plant the new follicles in that pattern so as to ensure natural results. The FUE method is much more expensive than strip method since it involves a lot of care and skill. Even then, the cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan is around Rs70,000 to Rs200,000. This is very low as compared to Sweden or any other European country. The surgeons in Pakistan are as experienced as those in the west or it might be said that they have more experience of working on patients of all nationalities and ethnicities, hence their experience is enhanced. While the cost of hair surgery in Pakistan is low the final cost depends on the amount of hair transplanted. In Pakistan, surgeons normally charge according to the number of grafts and the average rate is of around one Euro per graft. This means that a person getting 2,000 grafts will get full coverage on his head for only 2,000 Euros.

Hair transplant cost in Sweden is much higher than that in the eastern countries such as Pakistan. The amount of grafts being planted determines the final cost of the procedure.

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