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Hair Transplant Donor area regrowth

Hair Transplant Donor area regrowth is a major concern of every hair loss patient. Strip hair loss treatment for hair regrowth gives permanent scar in the donor area,back and side of head.  How to prevent such kind of scar and what are possible of previous scar due to hair transplantation. Follicular unit Extraction is a incision and stitches free procedure and does not give any kin of scar in the back and sides of head. Tricophytic Closure is an other possible solution in strip procedure. Though scar is just like a pencil line due to tricophytic closure. However people don’t want to see even a tiny line and prefer Fue procedure. This method of hair restoration has quick recovery and healing, invisible to no scar and previous procedure scar can be filled or corrected by new grafts extracted by follicular unit extraction Technology.

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