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Hair Transplant Nairobi Kenya

Hair transplant in Nairobi information- Hair restoration is a surgical hair restoration treatment. This surgery is not available in Nairobi. Only a few clinics are there that are claiming to provide this treatment. Patients who can afford this surgery have to travel to other countries for their surgery. Nairobi is the largest, most populous and capital city of Kenya. It has the political influence in the Africa. Many tourists form the world came here to visit the Nairobi National Park. It is among those cities of the world that are not providing the basic health treatment to the patients. A very few hospitals are there in the city to treat the patients. It is ranked by the World Health Organization as the country that has poor health care system for its citizens. Hair restoration is the most commonly found hair loss solution of baldness. It helps the patients in getting back their hairs on the scalp. Hairs follicles are transferred from one part of the scalp to another though this treatment. The hairs that are restored on the scalp are permanent and not affected by any genetic problem. Unfortunately the hair restoration surgeries are not in Kenya. A very few clinics are there in Nairobi that are providing this surgical treatments to the patients. As this is the poorest city of the world, patients cannot even get access to the basic facilities of life. They do not have much time to care about their baldness and hair loss problems. Hair loss in mot of the patients is due to poor diet and nutrition. Most of the people do not have money even to buy food. So it is very much difficult for them to obtain a hair restoration surgery. Those who want to restore their hairs mostly prefer the non surgical herbal treatments to regain their hairs back on the scalp.

Unlike the other countries if the patients want to search for the hair loss clinics in Nairobi through internet, they cannot find much information. A very few hair loss forums are there that are dealing with hair loss surgeons and clinics of this city. They cannot find the information about the surgeons and clinics of this city by sitting in their room and using their desktop or laptop. If someone wants to find the list of such clinics providing these hair transplant in Nairobi Kenya to patients, they have to find them by visiting each of them. Those citizens who can afford hair restoration surgery usually prefer to visit some other country for this treatment. They go for cheap destination providing the hair treatment to the patients. The reason is that it is very difficult to find a good and experienced surgeon in this city.

In a very few clinic where this treatment is found only the traditional strip surgical method is available. This surgery helps the patients in getting the hairs back permanently. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted form the bald areas of the scalp. Later they are implanted to the recipient portions after dissection under a microscope. A linear scar remains there in the donor region for the lifetime of the patient. It is also not sure that this treatment can be done perfectly in any hair loss clinic of Nairobi. The other newer  methods cannot be found in the city. Follicular unit extraction is not offered to any of the patient because no surgeon in the country has ability to perform this treatment. Some how, surgeons form other countries came here occasionally to perform he treatments on patients. With emergence of latest technology, latest devices are used in harvesting and implanting hair grafts. These methods are also not found in the city. Travelling abroad is the only best hair loss solution for the patients who want to get these surgeries. They need to arrange for visa and travelling expense apart from total price. May be in next few years industry of Hair Transplant in Nairobi emerges and flourishes as in other developing cities of the world. People travel for medical treatment abroad and hair transplantation in Pakistan is easily affordable where experienced hair surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offer best prices and results.

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