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Hair transplant photos with thick density

Can we get thick density after hair transplant surgery ?

The purpose of hair restoration procedure to cover baldness. However if there will be limited recipient area we can achieve reasonable hair density which will mimic natural frontal. Mostly surgeon give density between 30 to 45 follicles /cm square. However some surgeons exceed this figure and can go 65 to 110 grafts per square cm. As we go higher density, we need more number of grafts so availability of donor area is very crucial aspect. For male pattern baldness 4, 5 or 6 we can not give too much high density due to limited donor area.

Hair transplant photos with density

Factors which determine hair transplant Density

  • Donor Area availability
  • skin laxity of donor area
  • Donor area density
  • Baldness pattern -Norwood class 2 Versus NW classs 6
  • Realistic expectation after hair transplantation.

We can achieve best density to cover male or female pattern baldness through hair transplant in Pakistan as Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is skilled and experienced surgeon with 15 years proven successes in this field.



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