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Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is affordable and easily can be afforded. Permanent solution for hair loss is available in different cities of Pakistan. It is available on reasonable and low cost price from all over the country. Both surgical treatments can be obtained at a low price from clinics of the country. It is the process in which follicles are harvested from the dense region of the scalp. After dissection, these follicles are implanted back into the bald areas of the scalp. These surgeries help the patients in getting the permanent hairs for the rest of their life. Such clinics are there in Pakistan that is providing hair restoration surgeries to the patients. You can find these clinics mostly in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and Quetta. You can get the best  surgeries on a minimum price from these cities. There are two methods of  surgeries that are found in the country. These two methods have different prices. These methods vary in technique and procedure forms each other. One of these is the oldest surgical method that is known as follicular unit transplant. In this method, follicles are extracted with help of a metallic strip from the back and sides of the scalp. These follicles are later separated from each other under a microscope. This method is not much expensive in the country. Average price of this treatment ranges from fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees to two hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees, if you want to get the treatment from Pakistan. The cost of a single FUT grafts is from forty Pakistani Rupees to eighty Pakistani Rupees. This method is available on a cheap price in the country.

The other method follicular unit extraction or Fue is a newer technique. This method is also available in country. In this method, follicles are individually removed by the surgeon. This is the most expensive surgery obtained from the country. To get a low priced FUE treatment, you need to have thousands of Pakistani Rupees. You can find a single FUE graft minimum on one hundred and Pakistani Rupees. Pakistan is one of those countries of the world that is providing an economical and affordable hair restoration surgery not only to its citizens, but to the patients coming here for treatment. Both of the treatments in the country are cheap as compared to surgical treatments obtained from some other country. In the United States, you need to have four thousand o thirty two thousand dollars to get surgery. People from different countries of the world came here to get a low cost surgical treatment. Despite the treatment is prices less in country; you will get the high quality results after the surgery. Price of treatment does not affect it’s over all quality. You need to go through transplant surgeries once in your life. It is important that you should not bargain with a surgeon or clinic to get cheap hair restoration surgery. You may get a low priced surgery, but the results are not good. You may get the bad quality transplant in the end. It is better to visit the renowned and experienced surgeon for the treatment. He may charge a huge amount of fees for providing treatment. But you will get minimum side-effects after your surgery.

There are some hair restoration clinics in Pakistan that are providing a very low priced procedure to the patients. A few advertisements claim that the clinic will provide thirty five hundred follicle grafts on thirty five thousand Pakistani Rupees. You should not go for such low cost treatment. It is impossible to provide a treatment on this price. It means that only ten Pakistani Rupees are needed to get one graft. Most of these clinics are unethically operated by inexpert physicians.  These can lead you to the graft failure and waste huge amount of your money. You can find hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan by surfing different forums and websites on the internet. This helps you in getting the low priced but high quality treatment. The cost depends upon area of baldness and number of grafts. However surgical techniques also have major detrimental factor. For example strip -FUT technique is cheaper as compare to FUE hair transplant in Pakistan.

  •  Small session contains less than 1000 follicles
  • Medium session contains 2000 number of follicles
  • Large session contains 2500 follilces
  • Mega session more than 3000 grafts
  • Gega session consist of more than 5000 follicular units
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