Hair transplant cost in Pakistan has decreased tremendously in the recent years due to high competition in this field.However still some surgeons charge heavily due to their skill and experience.Within a last few years, transplantation treatment becomes affordable and accessible due to heavy competition in transplant industry. These costs vary from country to country. Cost is also dependent upon various factors. Hair restoration is the most permanent and effective solution of baldness. With the help of transplant surgeries, follicles from the dense area are harvested and inserted into bald area of the scalp. Like other surgeries local anesthesia is given to patient before treatment. Many pre and post operative conditions are also advised to be followed by patients. Hairs grow after transplants are similar to the natural hairs. These remain on scalp for the lifetime. No additional hair care products are needed to take care of transplanted grafts. Due to permanent natural result hair transplant cost in Pakistan  is high as compared to other non surgical treatments.

Hair transplant prices in Pakistan depends upon many factors. Most important is the qualification and experience of surgeon that is going to perform surgery. If a surgeon has years of experience in transplantation surgery, he will definitely charge more fees. An inexpert surgeon can charge half the fees of experience surgeon, but he cannot provide good and natural results in the end.  Expert surgeon charges more fees before he can restore accurately restore your natural hairline. Another significant factor is the location of transplant clinics or hospital. Such clinics that are located in expensive or commercial area of the city are always costly than others in less developed areas. Type of treatment selected by patient or surgeon also affects the hair transplant cost in Pakistan. Follicular unit transplant is the traditional method of removing follicles from the scalp with help of a strip. It is cheaper and cost effective. But Follicular Unit Extraction is the advanced method of harvesting follicles through a tiny circular device. As this method is latest and painless, it is expensive than follicular unit transplant. Even FUT is cheaper than FUE, but both of these methods require much cost than other treatments.

Average cost of FUT procedure ranges from eight thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. Average costs incurred on FUE treatment is from fifteen thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars. If this cost is compared with other non surgical products and medications in the long term, it is cheaper than them. Transplant surgeries cost lesser in developing countries of the world. Average cost of one FUT grafts ranges from one dollar to one and half dollar and FUE ranges from three dollars to four dollars. People from developed countries such as the United States and the Europe are coming there to get surgery on a less cost. The procedure cost is not covered by any medical insurance in the United States and other developed countries. It is responsibility of a patient to arrange finances for transplant treatment before going for any surgery. Many hospitals and clinics offer discounts on different occasions. Some of them offer special package to students, business men and housewives. They can make some installment according to patients’ requirements. You need to pay specific monthly payments for sometime. Basic consultancy is provided to patients free of any cost. You can ask payment options and modules during these sessions. Common searches:- How much does hair transplant surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan fue hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

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