Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic Lahore Pakistan

Hair transplant surgery in Pakistan has high standards and excellent results as you can find in any other developed country. You can get transplant treatment at a very reasonable price in Pakistan. You can find a list of transplant clinics and hospitals on the internet.Emerging technology has improved cosmetic surgical treatments with passage of time. Advancement in field of medical sciences has successfully found out such treatments that can show excellent results in short time. Latest techniques and methods are being developed to restore hair through transplantation surgeries. These methods and techniques gained so popularity that they are spread to all parts of the world. Same case is with hair transplant surgery in Pakistan that started in early 2000s. It is a blessing for Pakistanis suffering from partial baldness or permanent hair loss. Now transplantation clinics can be found in different parts of the countries.

Pakistan is one of those countries where you can find many transplant clinics and hospitals and they are providing world class treatments. These clinics are following international set standards for transplant surgery. You can find excellent transplant clinics in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Quetta and Karachi. They are equipped with latest instruments and technology. They have good cleanliness and hygienic conditions. They are providing necessary transplant facilitates to patients. You can find advertisements of transplant clinics in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Each clinic has its own respective website. You can find address, contact number, email address and fax number of these clinics from the internet. List of surgeons and dermatologist working in those clinics is also available.Hair Transplant surgery Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is required to make an appointment with a good reputed surgeon when you have planned to get a transplant treatment. First, consultancy session is provided to patients free of any cost. This session helps patient in clearing his doubts, overcoming his confusions and understanding the surgeon. Over all cost of treatments and number of grafts required are also estimated by surgeon during this session. If patient gets satisfied, he has to make an appointment with surgeon. On the day of actual surgery, local anesthesia is given to patient to save from pain. Surgeon harvest follicles from patient’s donor area and transplant these follicles to recipient area. After a few months of procedure, hair re grow like other healthy hairs of the scalp. Transplant clinics in Pakistan provide an opportunity to restore back the natural hairline. They provide treatment to both men and women depending upon their requirements.

¬†Hair transplantation cost in Pakistan ranges from seventy five thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. This is nothing as compared to cost needed for treatment in the United States and Canada. The clinics are providing high quality treatment, but at a cheaper price. Well experienced surgeons having degrees from reputable institutions are there to treat your baldness problems.Both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction methods are available for hair transplant in Pakistan. It is advised to check reputation of clinics and surgeons before going for treatment. It is your own duty to request your surgeon to show you before and after transplant treatment photos. You can get a glimpse of your surgeon’s works and results through these pictures. To get an appointment for hair transplant surgery in Pakistan please call +92-333-430-99 99

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