Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is treating hair fall and hair thinning with Mestherapy in Lahore Pakistan with proven results and successes.It is a technique in which the medications were directly injected into the skin. This technique has gained popularity in the recent times  for the treatment of several cosmetic indications like aging skin, cellulite and body contouring. Its use has also been claimed and reported in the management of hair loss. Many victims of hair loss are seeking the treatment of Mesotherapy in Lahore, as it is a safe and effective medication for androgenetic alopecia.

The method of Mesotherapy for hair loss has not been approved by FDA (Federal Drug Administration) USA. It was recommended by the CDC that the companies who are providing the products related to the hair loss must make sure that that standard precautions, safe-injections and suitable techniques should be used in their products and all the injections should be  FDA approved .

Those who want to know Mesotherapy treatment availability in Lahore Pakistan can consult our hair los treatment specialist Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

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