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Prices of Hair Transplantation Lahore Pakistan

Hair transplant cost & Price- Baldness pattern- Grafts needed -Lahore clinic

Hair transplant cost and price is a basic determining factor to proceed for hair restoration surgery in Lahore. When we compare hair restoration prices and cost with UK, Canada, USA and Australia then cost is 60 to 70% less in Pakistan.Hair loss and baldness can be treated through hair transplant or hair restoration in Pakistan. These procedures are very effective for male and female pattern baldness.  Transplanted hairs are genetically immune and did not fall. It is a procedure where new follicles are implanted to balding area.  It corrects male and female frontal hairline, lower frontal hairline and more density in the mid scalp and crown area.Hair restoration surgeries are performed under local anesthesia and take four to six hours duration depending upon area of baldness and number of grafts required. Quality follicles are extracted or harvested from back and sides of head and placed into recipient area.


Hair transplant Prices

Hair transplant procedure prices and cost is determined in Pakistan according to extent and level of hair loss pattern. Secondly hair restoration technique, FUT Vs. FUE. There are various levels of hair loss so hair restoration prices vary as well.

Norwood Class 2 Hair loss pattern prices

Number of grafts required for class 2 male pattern hair loss = 1000-1500 grafts

Fue hair transplant price in Lahore = 90,000 to 100,000 Rupee

FUT or strip surgery procedure price = 45000 to 50,000 Rupee

Norwood Class 3 Baldness Level

Hair loss pattern class 3

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Number of grafts required = 2000 to 3000 grafts

FUE price = 120,000 to 160,000

Strip surgery price = 75000 to 85000 Rupee

Norwood Class 4

Grafts needed 2500 to 4000

FUE cost = 160,000 to 250,000 Rupee

FUT or strip procedure price= 1,25000 Rupee

Norwood Class 5

Grafts required = 4000 to 5000

FUE cost  = 2, 25000 to 300,000 Rupee

FUT cost  = 150,000 Rupee depending upon donor hair availability

Sometimes it is required more than one session to get desired number of grafts and cost increased with number of sessions as each time disposable instruments, theater charges and fee of staff and medicine cost incurred. This is not a dramatic increase in price as our clinic offer discount as number grafts increase.

If you have more advance level of baldness , send us your close up photos and we will give you free estimate of hair transplant cost at our clinic in Lahore.

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