Hair restoration clinic in Lahore Pakistan is providing treatment for hair loss and baldness for the last 20 years. Our hair restoration surgeon Dr Ahmad Chaudhry has 20 years hair transplant surgery experience. He did M.B.B.S. degree from K.E. medical university and hair restoration surgery specialization from France.

Hair Restoration Solutions:

Before and after hair transplant results Lahore

FUE technique is the latest and by far the most efficient method for hair regrowth..


Facial or beard hair restoration procedure is performed at our clinic in Lahore ..


Body hairs from beard, chest and back are taken and used for head or scalp..

Hair Transplant in Lahore Clinic

  • Hair Loss Treatment
    Hair loss treatment in Lahore at our clinic is possible
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
    Follicular Unit extraction procedure in Lahore is performed without stitches & no linear scar
  • Body Hair Transplant
    Body Hair Transplant in Lahore is offered at our clinic where body hair transplanted to head


Our clinic is offering best hair transplant results in Pakistan and we strive to provide each individual with only the best in treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions

FUE hair transplant in Lahore is performed to re-grow hair on the heads of people normally having male pattern baldness; a genetic disorder frequent in males. Follicular refers to the hair follicles, Unit mentions the individual and extraction means picking off something. It is a surgery that follows the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donors head. This extraction can be from the back & sides of the head.

Fue procedure is highly sensitive and requires a lot of skill & care, hair specialist surgeons  must follow each step carefully so that no side effects will be faced. There are following steps in the follicular unit extraction procedure.

  1. First of all, the patient’s head is anesthetized by injection so that the hair plantation will not be painful.
  2.     Hair surgeons mark  around the donor area where hair follicle would be extracted from, by the help of micro-needle.
  3. With the help of micro punch, root or graft is pulled out.
  4. At the area of baldness, tiny slits are made for the implantation. But it does not cause any pain because of the head being anesthetized.
  5. The follicular units are now placed in these holes/slits just like planting seeds into the soil and then transplanted hair will grow after 3 months.
  6.    One session of hair restoration consists of 2000 to 3500 grafts normally depending upon baldness area requirement. 

Not everyone with the hair loss problem will be suggested FUE hair transplant in Lahore at our specialist clinic. People who have not been cured by medication and facing pattern baldness are eligible for this treatment. FUE hair transplant technique has a high success rate depending upon the surgeon experience, skill, qualification and expertise. After the procedure the patient must follow the instructions to avoid any sort of complication. 

After FUE procedure, patients may suffer from side effects like itching, swelling, bleeding or infection. The results are permanent as it involves the natural process of hair growth. But after surgery, transplanted hair will shed or fall in 2 to 4 weeks but then, the head will be full of hair in a period of 9 to 12 months.

Before starting the procedure, you need to take the following precautions so that no harm will be caused during surgery.

1- Do not use any hair styling gel or product when coming for treatment.

2- If you are a smoker or use alcohol, then abandon it at least 2 weeks before.

3-If you use medicine for heart problems or for blood pressure, continue using it. But if you use any kind of anti-inflammatory medicine, then do not use it for at least 2 weeks of pre-treatment.

4-Do not take any multivitamin supplement because these increase bleeding risks.

5-Regarding the issue of having breakfast before FUE hair transplantation, doctors’ decisions vary. Some prescribe breakfast before treatment and some restrict eating at least 2 hours before treatment. It is suggested to follow your doctor’s instructions.

6-Similar advice for washing head before treatment varies.

7-Do not drink any kind of beverages before transplantation.

Follicular unit extraction procedure is a latest technique where mega and Giga session of hair restoration is performed by taking grafts from scalp and body donor area. Any person can get FUE procedure that has partial or complete baldness.

PRP hair treatment is performed in Lahore at our clinic. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, its new treatment for hair fall control as well as to grow new hair. However hair growth may take 3 to 5 months. It needs 3 injections normally to show results. There is a 4 to 6 weeks interval between each PRP treatment.