Hair restoration clinic in Lahore Pakistan is providing treatment for hair loss and baldness for the last 20 years. Our hair restoration surgeon Dr Ahmad Chaudhry has 20 years hair transplant surgery experience. He did M.B.B.S. degree from K.E. medical university and hair restoration surgery specialization from France.

Hair Restoration Solutions:

FUE technique is the latest and by far the most efficient method for hair regrowth..

Facial or beard hair restoration procedure is performed at our clinic in Lahore ..

Body hairs from beard, chest and back are taken and used for head or scalp..

Services We Offer

  • Hair Loss Treatment
    Hair loss is not a disease but can be a some disease
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
    Follicular Unit extraction procedure in Pakistan
  • Body Hair Transplant
    Body Hair Transplant amazing results view in gallery section


Our clinic is offering best hair transplant results in Pakistan and we strive to provide each individual with only the best in treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions

In the FUE hair transplant procedure the newly transplanted hairs will continue to grow just as they did when they were on the donor area and the new hair growth will be permanent thus giving a more satisfactory result.

According to research it is proven that the most noted feature in one’s facial looks are the hairs. Thus the loss of scalp hairs due to either genetic defect or disease degrades the morals and confidence level of the person.

FUE hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is the most advance and minimal invasive method for hair restoration today thus boasting the 92-98% success rate. The surgery has hardly any discomfort or post-surgical pain and the average recovery time is less than 7 days.

There are many hair loss treatment clinics in Pakistan offering surgical as well as non surgical methods. Hair restoration surgery is a skill along with qualification and experience. One should always choose experienced and highly qualified surgeon so that you should not search for corrective surgery procedure later on. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced (16 years) hair transplant surgeon with proven result and a lot of references all across the world. Dr.Ahmad is a recommended hair restoration 

You can not use oil in the transplanted area whether Fue or FUT procedure for 30 days. However if you want to remove crust and scabs ,you may use olive oil with gently with finger tips so that transplanted follicles would not dislodge.

Basically these are Mesotherapy injections or you may say some companies marketed as protein injections to control hair fall and hair loss. Series of injections are required weekly basis to stop hair fall. 

PRP hair treatment is performed in Lahore at our clinic. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, its new treatment for hair fall control as well as to grow new hair. However hair growth may take 3 to 5 months. It needs 3 injections normally to show result. There is 4 to 6 weeks interval between each PRP treatment.