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Hairline hair transplant

Hairline hair transplant Lahore

Hairline hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic for male and female patients. It is not uncommon for women and men to experience a receding problem. On the other hand, some might have been born with a forehead too large for their liking. These phenomena might even lead to anxiousness or unhappiness … Read more

Donor area after hair-transplant

  Does hair grow back in the donor area after FUE? Hair shedding is a common condition that affects every individual in their life. Regardless of age of the individual, alopecia is a cause of social embarrassment. Many techniques have been introduced to treat alopecia depending upon the degree of hair loss and patient’s preferences. … Read more

Hair transplant technique overview

Hair Transplant Technique Overview

  There are different techniques and procedures for hair regrowth. Here we are going to highlight the hair transplant technique overview. Baldness is a widespread problem nowadays in both males and females. Follicular technique helps to restore hairs on the bald scalp in men and women. It treats the problems of alopecia. If you are … Read more

DHI Vs Fue hair transplant

DHI Vs FUE hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

What’s the difference between a DHI Vs FUE  hair transplant? In DHI and FUE procedure, the individual hair follicles are separated directly from your scalp. During FUE, to implant the follicles, a surgeon manually makes a series of slits into your scalp. The DHI technique helps the surgeon to make these incisions and insert the … Read more

Hair transplant success rate

Hair transplant success rate Pakistan

Hair transplant is more effective and successful as compared to counter hair regrowth products. The hair transplant success rate depends upon different factors. Almost in ten to eighty per cent cases hairs fully grow back to estimated length through the surgical hair loss treatment. The hair restoration surgery is expensive, but you have to invest … Read more

Why does male pattern baldness exist

It is very important to know that why male pattern baldness exists. It is commonest type of alopecia usually occurs after the age of puberty. This cosmetic problem affects most of the men over 50 years. This issue become more obvious with increasing in the age. It includes about 16% of men of age 18-29 … Read more

Male pattern baldness stages

Male pattern baldness stages proceed gradually from start to end. It is a progressive disease that most men have to face once in their life. If you are of 20 years, then you have a 20% chance of suffering from androgenetic alopecia. When you get old, the possibility of getting hair loss increases by 10% … Read more

Effect of Anagen Effluvium on hair transplant

There is a strong Effect of Anagen Effluvium on Survival Rates of hair transplant. Scalp hair extensively used in hair restoration surgeries from the last thirty years with satisfactory results. It is done due to the lack of donor hair on the other body parts. A large number of researches have been conducted in the field … Read more

Hair restoration Copenhagen

  Hair restoration in Copenhagen has set a new benchmark for all the experts in the world to follow high-definition and extra-customized care and treatments. Recently, my best friend’s wedding bells were about to ring when the whole world got locked down due to the notorious covid-19 pandemic. Eventually it all has to go on … Read more

Hair restoration San Diego

About hair transplant

Hair restoration in San Diego surgery is a capable and everlasting method for hair regrowth among the many treatments that are available in this era for Androgenic alopecia (AGA). There are many types of Alopecia but the most common and treatable is Androgenic alopecia. The techniques mainly used for hair restoration, few of them are follicular … Read more