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Beard Hair Transfer Head


Beard hair transfer head is not a myth rather it is possible and available as an option for those who do not have good donor areas on the scalp from where the grafts are usually taken for the transplant. In such patients, grafts are taken from other areas of body and face  or beard is one of them. Latest techniques are opted to perform this feat. Doctors use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for this purpose. It is a surgical procedure in which beard hair transfer head is done under local anesthesia and the grafts are extracted from the face or under the chin with the help of micro motors. Then these grafts are planted on the bald areas of the scalp. The whole procedure takes about 5 to 6 hours for completion after which the patient can go home and carry on the routinely activities. It is an expensive procedure and the price ranges from 150000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee  depending upon the number of graft units transplanted. Around 1800 grafts can be taken from the neck region but this count can be doubled if whole beard is removed.

It has many advantages. Beard hair transfer head is a good option for those in whom the scalp supply is not sufficient to match the demand, or the donor areas of scalp do not have healthy and thick growth. Also it serves as an alternative for the doctors to preserve the critical areas of the scalp like temporal areas etc. Another benefit of this technique is that the transplanted area looks denser due to thicker grafts. It also lessens the need of shaving face. The success rate is high and long term results are seen. Also due to the FUE method, there is no need of stitches and the minute pores which are left behind after plucking, heal themselves.

Along with the pros, there are some cons as well of this transplant. It is difficult to remove grafts from neck and facial region because of the loose and elastic skin. More grafts are required to be plucked due to less number of follicles per graft as compared to the donor areas of scalp. Also some people find it irritating in terms of the density because other areas of the scalp are lighter and less dense in comparison. Another disadvantage is that the growth is slow. The active growth phase is shorter as compared to the resting phase in the facial hair. Among the complications, there are chances of abscess formation, folliculitis, pitting and redness.

Beard hair transfer head in Lahore at our clinic is a good way to tackle baldness without using the donor areas of scalp. It is successfully practiced by the doctor nowadays by using latest methods. Where there are many benefits and advantages of this treatment, there are some limitations and disadvantages as well. It is a costly and delicate procedure but many people, who do not compromise on their looks, choose it and the results are very promising and long lasting.