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Best hair transplant Lahore

It is mandatory to explain the definition before discussing the topic Best hair transplant in Lahore. It is a technique in which the doctors transplant the follicles from the donor area at the place where you have lost. Hair restoration is a useful technique to grow hair naturally at your eyes, scalp, public or private parts. It is not a common technique, so it is a little bit expensive. There are two types.

  • F.U.E.    (Follicular Unit Excision)
  • F.U.T. (Follicular Unit Transplant)

Fue-FUT-hair transplant

It must be decided after studying both techniques that which technique is best for baldness treatment. Follicular Unit Excision is one of the best techniques. Follicular Unit excision is a technique in which hair is transplanted in a single session. The doctors harvest all the grafts individually and transplant it on another area where the hair has been lost. In  F.U.E technique, almost every single graft is extracted and implantation is done. This method is very time-consuming, that’s why it is so expensive. Follicular unit excision, as the name indicates, this technique is useful to transplant one by one . This method is not related to the strip technique, the doctors don’t take strips. This is the method which confirms the uniform density. In this method the whole grafts of the scalp is once extracted and then transplanted. After the surgery you will find the thicker hair having higher density. The skin is not removed in this method. Hair is picked up and moved to the area where  you have lost. The number of grafts is moved from the donor area to the recipient area. This method is suitable when you want the result on the whole area, not a particular area. This method is strongly recommended by the doctors because it has low risk as compared to the F.U.T method. In only one session all the grafts are successfully moved to the bald area from the donor area. A single session is required to change your look. And this technique will give you a better and personalized look.

As you know, this is the topic related to the best hair regrowth technique, so it is difficult to decide which is best technique because both techniques have their own specific advantages and their own drawbacks. Let us discuss the second technique, then we will be able to decide which is best to use.

F.U.T is also one of the best hair restoration techniques. It has its own specific advantages. Although F.U.E has highest recovery rate, but when the patient need F.U.T it means it is necessary to give him F.U.T. You can’t replace both the techniques. F.U.T consist of Follicular unit transplantation. Strip harvesting is another name of the follicular Unit transplantation. This method is very sensitive to do. We take a small strip of the skin from the area where your hairs are in abundance in this method. And moved to the part of the scalp where you want to grow. The doctors use this method when you have lost the hair from a specific part. Once you have finished preparing the grafts, then it is time to place them on the other part where you want to grow. This is the sensitive technique In which the doctors make cuts on your scalp which is a major scar for the patients. The patient must overcome this fear to have a perfect look.

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F.U.E and F.U.T both are the best hair restoration techniques with respect to their uses. F.U.T is a permanent and everlasting technique. F.U.E is expensive because in F.U.E the doctors take every single part and transplant, thus it is time-consuming and hence expensive. But F.U.T allows you to move a number of grafts at a time. Due to its less time taking, it contains less effort of the doctors and hence less expensive. It is mandatory to tell you all that what is the best age to transplant. The experts and senior physicians recommend that 25 year of age is the best time to have this surgery. Because in this age the growing process runs smoothly and quickly. If you are interested in growing at specific parts, then F.U.T is the best and in budget technique, but if you have lost hair from all over the head, you have to take F.U.E procedure. It will save the time of the doctors as well as yours. It will also in your range and give you a perfect look.

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