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Best hair transplant Washington DC

The best hair transplants in Washington D.C are very different from others because others use FUE technique, but they use FUE also called as the High yield Unit Extraction  method which speaks for itself and has a 100% successful rate in that state. This process is also less painful but is cost consuming as well. It is basically a surgical process and has very good results with satisfied patients. The number and type of hairs that can be transplanted will depend on several important factors including type, elasticity, quality, density, and the size of the donor area from which you are getting the grafts. It is also a long-term transplant and the results remain for a very long time in future.

Fue hair transplant in Lahore 3000 grafts result

The procedure of this treatment is very simple to extract and the certified hair surgeon first does a checkup and sees how much remains intact and then the grafts are extracted from the back of the head and are placed in the bald side of the head. The surgeon also uses the side of the head and the grafts are basically placed so that new hairs can grow and be much stronger than before. This method is old and famous and has also been improved in recent years and is very much in trend nowadays. This method is the best hair transplant in Washington D.C. the method uses high end density and is very much popular these years. Both male and females get it done so that they can look good.

There are many advantages related to this method and they are very much different from the FUT transplant which is that there is no infection or redness on the head and in many cases there is swelling or bleeding and this method is free from that problem. It is a long term also in future and very much best for a class who is rich and can afford it because it is very much cost effective. The best thing about this method is that it can be done mostly in one session with the expert and up-to 6,000 to 8,000 hairs can be restored. The best hair transplant in Washington D.C is very much costly and varies from $4000-$15000. It is because of its popularity and a successful rate of surgeries. This is a preferred one and the only side effect of it is the itching which is temporary and not for a long time.

 Grafts Quantity USA  Abroad 
 1000 Fue grafts  3000$ 600$
 2000  6000$ 1200%%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;
 3000 9000$ 1800$

The Best Hair Transplant in Washington is that if it is done by good professionals and experts they can live up to a lifetime and remain intact as if they are natural  and make you feel young again. It has been estimated anywhere between 20%-30% percent of hair can regrow fully in about four to five months period. It has been seen largely that celebrities and other influenced persons have a tendency to go for a hair restoration surgery to maintain an image they have created for themselves.

How to travel to Lahore Pakistan from Washington DC

If you live in USA and nationality is American then you need E visa for Pakistan and contact with Pakistan Embassy. There is no direct flight however many international flights operate from Washington DC to Lahore Pakistan via Dubai, Istanbul, Doha 

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