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How to stop hair fall immediately

Understanding how to stop hair fall immediately is not only vital for aesthetic reasons but also signifies overall health and well-being. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, hair fall has become a pervasive issue affecting both men and women. While some factors are genetic and uncontrollable, many are a result of our daily habits and choices. we’ll delve deeper into these … Read more

Exosomes hair regrowth treatment

Exosomes hair regrowth treatment in Lahore Pakistan is a groundbreaking solution that promises to restore the confidence of individuals experiencing hair loss. This scientifically advanced treatment harnesses the power of exosomes, which are Nano-sized vesicles naturally secreted by cells, in hair regrowth procedures. However, many people contemplating this novel therapy may wonder about its effectiveness and associated … Read more

Hair transplant Mian Channu

Hair transplant Mian Channu patient traveled to our clinic and got his frontal baldness treatment from foreign qualified surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Initially the patient started shedding and tried different products to stop hair fall. Despite different lotions, medicines , hair fall continues and ultimately visible male pattern baldness in the front area of the … Read more

Hair transplant Pasrur

  Hair transplant Pasrur Sialkot patient got 2709 grafts for frontal baldness treatment through follicular unit extraction technique. The main cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and male sex hormone acts on the roots of the follicles for miniaturization and ultimately shedding. We can not control genetic code at the moment however, we can … Read more

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth in Lahore Pakistan are available and many people are getting benefitting from these remedies. In the case of alopecia treatment, the problem will reoccur soon after the medical procedure completion. Therefore, conventional therapies are not enough. The sufferers have to go through some therapies to attain the best or desired … Read more

Hair transplant Kamalia

The goal of hair transplant Kamalia is to re-establish hair growth in places of the scalp where it has been thinning or completely gone. However, you can use it to treat different hair loss conditions to prevent baldness. For long-term outcomes, some patients may require further transplants. Hence, there are different reasons why people start … Read more

Hair cosmetics

  Hair cosmetics are substances applied to hair or scalp to beautify, preserve or change their appearance. They can be divided into two groups; beauty items such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, straightening, and perming creams, colors. These products are used to groom or adorn the mane and keep them manageable for a longer period. … Read more

Botched hair transplant fixing

  Botched hair transplant fixing in Lahore is more difficult than doing surgery on a customer for the first time, and it requires the surgeon to have more knowledge. The type of repair work required is determined by the problems that the patient has. If there is substantial bruising, a surgeon may remove the scars … Read more

Repair hair transplant Gujrat

Fixing bad hair transplant results Gujrat Patient | Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry Lahore  Patient Mr. FAS got a hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan a few years back. However, due to less density of thickness and wrong direction of the transplanted hair, he decided to get his previous procedure repaired from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic … Read more

Fue 2897 grafts

About hair transplant

  Fue 2900 grafts hair transplant Gujranwala patient | Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry Patients are frequently visiting our clinic as hair transplant in Gujranwala is not performed according to international standards. Many quacks and unskilled persons are performing this procedure in this city. Some of them become victims of bad hair restoration procedures in Gujranwala. The … Read more