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Body hair transplant success rate


Body hair transplant success rate in Lahore Pakistan is much higher for beard to head then other parts. Hair loss or thinning is a common problem across the world. There are several reasons behind it. It is normally caused by aging. The other reasons may include trauma or medical issues. Many chose restoration surgery to cope with the situation. Some choose it for cosmetics and some for reconstruction reasons.

In normal surgery, the scalp is used as a donor site to provide enough donor grafts for the baldness area. Normally the back of the head is suitable as it is the densest part of the head. Two basic techniques are employed. Follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Both techniques are effective.

A normal hair implant is a very popular practice nowadays. The success rate of a normal implant is above 90% to 95%


Body to head transplant is a state-of-the-art method. People with pattern baldness or limited donor supply can benefit from it. BHT is proposed when a patient is suffering from the 7th stage on the baldness scale. The surgery is longer than the normal restoration surgeries. It requires high surgical skills.

In this technique, follicles are harvested from other parts of the body such as

  • Chest
  • Beard
  • Armpit
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Pubic area

Body hair transplant success rate:

Chest          46% to 75%

Beard          60% to 75%

Thigh           51%

Abdomen     39%

Back           29%

These are results calculated by some studies. surgeons believe one limiting factor for opting for this method is the unpredictable survival ratio of graft. Unfortunately, very little data regarding this surgery is available. Studies are undertaken by surgeons and physicians to make this method more efficient and better.

The suitable technique for BHT

FUT and FUE are used to cover bald areas. In FUT a strip of skin is cut out from the back of the head. The grafts are separated and then inserted into the recipient’s bald site. This strip cutting is not suitable for BTH, as it leaves a linear scar on the donor site.


The advent of FUE follicular unit transplant has made it possible to use hair from any part. FUE is the most modern method. In this method from any donor area, grafts are extracted with the help of a micro punching machine. A micro puncher is a very sensitive device and takes out one unit at a time without leaving any scar. From the head, a unit of 3 to 4 grafts is extracted.

In BHT the number of follicles is different. One unit at one time. It is because grafts from the body are different in structure and positioning. They are taken out very delicately to avoid waste of follicles.

These grafts are then inserted in small dot-like holes in the recipient area. No scars are visible after this surgery.

The best part to increase body hair transplant success rate in Lahore Pakistan

Not all parts of the body are equally suitable for donation. Beard is the most suitable part for donation. The reason is very clear; the beard has very thick solid roots. Especially the area below the chin. The follicle structure of the chin matches the most with scalp follicles.

beard hair for hair transplant

Secondly, the hair of the beard tends to grow at an unlimited length. They are robust and thickest as compared to other parts. Moreover, the chin area provides a wide opportunity to provide a large number of follicles to be transmitted.

The second best part is the chest. It has a dense and healthy growth. Studies show both these areas have the highest survival ratio of grafts.

Chest hair to head success rate

Factors that affect outcome

In many cases, the results achieved by the body hair are as good as those of the scalp. One thing that should be taken into account is that many factors affect the results:

  • The healing capacity of the skin or tissues of scars
  • Patients overall health conditions
  • How well the patient follows aftercare instructions
  • Surgeon expertise and experience

BHT for scar elimination:

The method is used to hide scars caused by an accident or FUT. FUT leaves a linear scar at the back of the head which is quite visible. BHT is used to eliminate such scars. Studies show the re-growth ratio is between 60 to 90%. Although it is not as high as scalp follicles, still it is very encouraging.


Body hair transplant success rate in Lahore Pakistan is increasing with the advent of modern techniques. Still, there are many complications. Patients need to understand that body follicles are different from the scalp. They are deep, and their orientation is not like the scalp. They are often curlier and can grow a maximum of 5 centimeters long. If you go through BHT, keep in mind they will not lose their natural characteristics. However, they can provide you with better coverage of bald areas.

If you have advance baldness and limited donor area then our expert surgeon will take your body hair and transplant to head. For an appointment call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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