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Body hair transplant


Body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is an evolving trend where an experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeon takes grafts from beard, chest, abdomen, legs and back of body. Follicular unit extraction has become more popular in hair restoration field, which has embraced the evolving trends in body hair transplant. The reason for FUE being a favorable procedure is that it does not give a linear scar. Follicular unit extraction has evolved rapidly during the last few years. The best way to do hair surgery procedure is to take hairs from the scalp donor area, but the patients who do not have much of a donor area have a problem in having grafts for the procedure.


Patient is grade VI or VII of Norwood scale

Patients with androgenic alopecia who have advanced stages of grade VI or VII of Norwood scale don’t have much of a choice. The patients with this grade have less safe donor area due to extensive baldness. Such a patient is in need of grafts more than available on their donor area. The maximum number of grafts taken from a donor area is 5000 to 6000. In cases where 6000 are not enough to cover the bald area, surgeons consider other sources of getting the grafts. This need has led to evolving trends in body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan.

Ideal candidate for body hair use to head

Patient needs more density

Sometimes the patient has a requirement of high density, for example many patients prefer a dense hairline or more grafts on crown area. The donor area is not sufficient to provide that density. The problem also arises here, that when grafts are taken out of the donor area, it is left thinner too.

Patient has had hair transplant before and is not satisfied

There are many cases where patients have undergone a hair transplant surgery but are not satisfied with the results. Due to which they undergo a second surgical procedure. Some cases have been recorded where the patients were not happy even with a second transplant. Such patients don’t have much donor to take grafts from and the only option left is to take grafts from any other body part. The demand of patients has also a big role in evolving trends in body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan like rest of the world.

WHEN IS the procedure advised?

Patients who have extensive hair loss and have less safe donor area, their hair restoration can be done by taking the grafts from other body parts rather than the scalp. The evolving trends in body hair transplantation have been helpful for such patients. A hair restoration surgeon will only recommend to use grafts from a body part when that part has a good hair density.


The technique Follicular unit extraction has opened many windows for the hair surgeon to extract grafts from. The areas of the boy that are considered for extraction of grafts include:

  • Chest
  • Beard
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Pubic area
  • Arm pits

Body hair transplant in lahore Pakistan evolving trend


  • After trichoscan and other tests, area of follicular unit extraction method is chosen. Beard hairs are supposed to be the best and after beard the most suitable grafts are supposed to be from the chest.
  • The hairs of the selected area are cut into 1 mm in length and a local anesthesia is given in small circular patches. While injecting the anesthesia the skin is pinched with thumb and index finger. The purpose of pinching is to protect any vital gland, nerves or lymph nodes on the area.
  • With the help of a micro punch which is attached to a hand held high speed rotating machine the surgeon starts graft extraction on the target area. The grafts or follicular units are extracted manually because a regular punch is not suitable to run on the curves of the area.
  • The grafts taken from the donor area are stored in a special medium. After sufficient graft extraction the graft extraction procedure is stopped.
  • Then it’s time for the bald area preparation. The scalp is anaesthetized and slits are made in the bald area for the grafts. The extracted follicular units are then implanted into the slits.
  • The donor area can take from 7 to 10 days to heal and there is no scar formed on the area, scabs are formed on the extraction sites which are removed within 10 days.
  • The grafts fall out between 4th to 8th week and regrowth of the hair starts in three months. The result is seen in 8 – 12 months.

Body hair transplant from chest


The hair restoration procedure is changed by evolving trends in body hair transplant. There are a few factors that limit the use of extraction from body like density and type. In case of beard, some patients don’t have a thick beard. But there are some cases where patients are willing to reduce their beard. The quality of beard hair is different than the scalp. The beard hair is a bit thicker and kinkier and beard follicular units are usually single. Surgeons usually implant double units into one slit to give it a thicker look. For the hairline only scalp hairs are recommended to avoid the difference between the types to be obvious.

The follicles from chest and beard have only one strand in them, there are a very few chances that a follicular unit has a double in it. The use of body hairs are only applicable on the mid scalp and crown area for density. The surgeon places the implants in a manner that they get mixed with the regular hairs. The biggest problem still lies there, which is the receding hairline. The grafts taken from body are not eligible for the front or temporal area because they look different than scalp.

Despite of evolving trends in body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan, the grafts taken from body parts need more care like a specific shampoo. Another limitation is the growth because body hairs do not grow more than one centimeter or one inch. The success rate of body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is in accordance with the experience.

Who is performing body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has 22-year experience in this field and did his specialization from France. He is performing and offering this procedure at his clinic.

What is the cost of body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Normally, the cost is charged 150,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee due to expensive instruments, skill and expertise.

How to contact an opinion and estimate?

You can send photos of the baldness area and our expert will give his professional and honest opinion. These photos can be sent through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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