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Can fue hair transplant fail

Failed hair transplant repairs accounts for the following rescue options as described. If the donor area from scalp or intended site of hair growth has depleted to an extent that no more hair extraction is possible, other areas of the body can be used as donor area where hair growth is surplus. In case of scarring of the backside of head from where the hairs were transplanted, the scarring can be removed by a number of techniques such as scalp revision or scalp micropigmentation. If the failure is a bad frontal hairline, it can be corrected by the extraction of wrongly transplanted hairs by way of follicular unit extraction method and relocation of these follicles to form desired hairline. These mentioned options opt two techniques for correction. One of the techniques is Follicular Unit Extraction in which the individual unit grafts are extracted from the donor area then implanted on the bald area. The slits made as a result are healed as untraceable dots within a few weeks. The other method is Direct Hair Transplant which is a more advanced technique. This consists of a single step procedure of extracting individual hairs from the donor area and implanting them on the recipient area. This technique gives healthier looking hairs and is mostly used in repairs.

Following are the various causes of a failed hair transplant requiring repair. Top most is a drying graft failure. Extracted hair graft can dry if it is exposed to air for 10 to 20 seconds. Drying can occur in case of poor storage conditions from extraction to implantation such as if the grafts are not kept in a bath of physiologic solution after extraction the graft can also dry during trimming procedure, shifting or during placement. Storing grafts for long periods of time can also result in failure of procedure if the solutions required for storing grafts are not maintained under or conditions or have improper concentration. If the storage time is prolonged, the damage risk is increased. The grafts are delicate and should be placed soft handedly and this requires skill. Placement of graft if done unskillfully can result in complications or breakage of grafts. Lastly, the depth of placement is also necessary. Placing grafts superficially or too deep can result in the development of infection called folliculitis and leads to transplantation failure repair process.

Repair or corrective surgery is required when there is defective hairline formation which leads to unnatural hairline design, an accurately straight line often makes it look unnatural, high placement of hairline which gives appearance of a large forehead and often leads to more balding. Patients feel that their hairline appears unnatural and low after some years that have undergone transplantation in early 30’s. Sometimes, there are issues of compressed hair in which the hairs look less dense even after transplantation and this happens when the transplanted hairs are of low density. Sometimes, as in case of FUT procedure, there is visible scar formation on the back of the scalp from where the strip is harvested; if the incision is made to close under tension. If the surgeon does not do stitching properly and there are loose stitches it can lead to stretching of the scar. The temple area which is the area near ears, it has usually thin and light colored hairs. Increased density or transplantation of thick, dark hairs at temples give a bushy look requiring failed hair transplantation repairs.

Failed hair transplantation repair is not possible when there is limited donor supply. In case when the donor scalp has considerably thinned out, it is difficult to perform the process. It occurs as a result of over harvesting in previous processes or genetically low density. The natural hairline figures out prominently during a transplant. Improper hairline design points towards unprofessional work and often brings embarrassment for the patient. Placement of grafts in alternative directions to natural growing angles. This leads to uncoordinated hair growth and unnatural appearance. Such failures can be repaired by BHT, body hair transplant, in which the scars are covered by body hairs which use beard hair or chest hair. This method is generally performed on men. In this method, more body hairs are required to give an aesthetic look than hairs transplanted from the scalp. This process focuses on a particular area at the recipient site which has undergone previous transplant. Getting hair restoration surgery procedures at low costs often result in thinning or falling out of grafts. Hair clinics offering 3000 to 5000 transplanting grafts often compromise the quality of storage conditions, therefore, the quality should be examined before undergoing transplantation from a cheap source. However, the growth of grafts differs under different individuals and hence, the results which would be satisfying in future, appears to be non-satisfactory at first. One must wait until the final product is seen before demanding for failed hair transplant repair.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Fue hair transplant fail?

Yes it becomes fail if performed by untrained and unskilled doctor or technicians

Can we fix or repair failed hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes we can fix and repair procedures by a variety of options depending upon cosmetic problems.

What is the fee to correct failed hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

The fee or charges depends upon the nature of problems created by previous procedures. However repair procedures are costly all over the world as few talented and skilled surgeons have this capability to do correction. Normally price in Lahore Pakistan is 150,000 Pak Rupee to 450,000 Pak Rupee. Sometimes multiple corrective procedures are required.

Who can repair bad or failed hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has skills and abilities to perform repair procedures in Lahore Pakistan.

What is the qualification of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry?

He did M.B.B.S. from King Edward Medical University. He was trained and Board Certified in hair restoration surgery from France. He did specialization from Rene Descartes University Paris France and Claude Bernard University Lyon France. He is an ex visiting Associate Professor at Claude Bernard University Lyon France. He has 23 years hair surgery experience.

Can Fue hair transplant fail? The answer is YES if properly not examined by the doctor donor and recipient area.  There are many diseases which do not yield good outcome of any such procedure. So it is better you can visit personally to our clinic and get FREE consultation. 

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