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Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant

Our clinic has been performing eyebrow hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan for the last 22 years. This procedure became possible two decades back. The new and popular technique FUE made it possible to reconstruct thinning or lost hair above the eyes. Before that make-up products were the only way to fill up the gaps. Some … Read more

Body hair transplant success rate

Body hair transplant success rate

  Body hair transplant success rate in Lahore Pakistan is much higher for beard to head then other parts. Hair loss or thinning is a common problem across the world. There are several reasons behind it. It is normally caused by aging. The other reasons may include trauma or medical issues. Many chose restoration surgery … Read more

Cleft lip scar treatment

Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplantation is a very good option or an excellent treatment if it is performed correctly. The transplant procedure can successfully decrease or remove the visibility of bruises in hair-containing areas. This genetic disorder is also treated successfully to close the separated upper lips or to improve the appearance and … Read more

Hair transplant whole head

  whole head baldness coverage in Lahore Pakistan Can a hair transplant cover your whole head? Many people lose their hairs and then get transplanted by surgeons. Many of them like actresses, actors, singers, players and politicians have this problem and use other accessories to hide their baldness. They use foundation cream, wig and bandana … Read more

New treatment for alopecia

New treatment for alopecia

Alopecia has no treatment up till now, but there is new treatment for alopecia with the Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor class of medications at the bleeding edge of continuous clinical preliminaries. Platelet-rich plasma, fecal transfers, and cytokine focused on treatment with ustekinumab and dupilumab have additionally appeared to regrow hair in patients with Alopecia areata … Read more

Scalp treatment for hair fall

There are several scalp treatments for hair fall available in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic. Let’s discuss them in detail to learn more about them. We can divide it into two categories. First is to improve the texture and color and such kinds of options are available at salons. Second category is to stop or … Read more

Hair after hair transplant

Hair after hair transplant requires time to grow in order to reach a certain length. It is a technique in which a surgeon removes grafts from one portion of the scalp and transplants it to other bald sites present on the skull. Occipital side (back of head) is the most common area used as donor … Read more

Telogen effluvium after COVID

Telogen effluvium after COVID

Telogen effluvium (TE) is known as diffused shedding of hair two to three months post stress such as infection from COVID-19. Due to this, anagen phase terminates prematurely following transition to catagen and telogen phases that result in shedding of strands. There is usually a delay as the hair cycle has different phases. Most commonly, … Read more

Transplant hair

  Transplant hair is the latest craze not only for those who want to alter their look or acquire an attractive mane but also for them who have lost their hair to untimely fall. Baldness is mostly due to some genetic defects but also with the passage of time mostly in adult men and women … Read more

Hair regrowth tips

There are people worldwide, suffering from hair loss. Hair loss is one of the things that lower your self-esteem and make you feel vulnerable and susceptible. Also, who doesn’t want lovely and healthy hair? Hair loss depends on varied factors together with unhealthy diet, stress, modern lifestyle, use of harmful chemicals, and many more. One … Read more