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Cheap hair transplant Norway


Cheap hair transplant in Norway is possible as there are various affordable clinics with specialists and renowned doctors. Hair loss treatment is trending everywhere around the world. These days people are aware of this amazing method for growth. It is a process of regaining growth by transplanting donor’s graft to the patient’s desired scalp area. This strategy is used by bald people or those who lost hair due to skin conditions and certain medications. These days clinics are everywhere. Expert doctors and physicians are working in clinics to regrow hair. Famous personalities underwent hair restoration surgery to look young and more confident. Patients not only want to get their hair back but also wish to get dream thickness within affordable budget. Many people just avoid transplant due to cost issues. It is not affordable for all. Luckily many clinics are offering the procedure at reasonable prices.

Cheap hair transplant Norway


Cheap hair transplant clinics in Norway 

One can find the budget of affordable clinics in Oslo. Client may consult with doctors online to know about the pricing and surgery techniques. Different clinics provide surgical replacement you can easily choose which one is right for you. Make sure, there are limited number of clinics you may not find everywhere. Price depends on some factors. Client’s desired thickness, hairline design and most importantly type of procedure needed like beard, moustache, eyebrow, crown or scalp. Techniques also play major role in cost. Techniques known as FUE and FUT have different prices. The cost of procedure varies in different countries. Not all countries are offering cheap surgeries.

An average hair restoration cost in Norway

This procedure starts from an average cost of 4000 Euros. Good aspect is that this country offers better options than Western Europe. Norway is a good option with high success rates. Clinics charge according the number of grafts needed. Prince range depends on clinics. During the consultation price estimate is tailored for the process after determining the number of hair and grafts needed. Consultation is totally free. The best clinics provide written performance guarantee which is great. The results are aesthetically beautiful and natural. Some of the clinics will offer 9 months installment with interest free financing on all treatments. After 9 months, customer can pay the full amount or can choose a repayment scheme that suits his budget. During consultation you can ask for further details.

Price comparison abroad 

GraftsTechniqueNorway Pakistan Days
 1.00 Fue 4.00 0.50  
 1000 X 4 4000 500  1 day
 2000 X 4 8000 1000 1 day
 3000X 3   9000 1200  1 day
 3500  X 3  10500 14001 day to 2 days
 4000X 3   12000 1600  2 days

Cheap hair transplant in Norway is performed with latest technology and tools used by the doctors and staff. Instruments are used to open slits. Doctors and staff all speak Norwegian. Treatment takes 3 to 8 hours. After treatment customer is free to drive and to go home. Written guarantee is important for the customer’s satisfaction. Oslo has the most experienced clinics. Thousands of customers are satisfied with the services. All those who want excellent and budget procedure should choose Oslo. Fortunately those who underwent the treatment noticed permanent hair growth without any side effects.

Why do people prefer to travel abroad for baldness treatment?

One can get a mega session of hair restoration at an affordable rate like 1000 to 1500 euro while one can not get less than 4000 euro in this country. 

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