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Cheap hair transplant Perth

Cheap hair transplant in Perth may not be available because this surgical treatment is quite costly there. It is the metropolitan city of Western Australia. Australia is considered as the birthplace of FUE, the latest technique available today in this field, because the first FUE treatment was done here. Since then, this technique has been adapted by the doctors all around the world. There are numerous clinics here having many skilled and experienced doctors who are offering these services to the people who are very conscious about their looks and are suffering from baldness and the related condition. The results are quite remarkable and these treatments serve as a permanent solution of this baldness problem.

Cheap hair transplant Perth patient

Cheap hair transplant in Perth possible

Although you cannot find a clinic offering cheap hair transplant in Perth but you can have treatment done by using the latest techniques. Two methods are commonly practiced and are very popular in this regard. One is FUT which is a relatively older technique. It is also called as strip excision method because during the surgery, doctors excised a strip of skin from the donor area usually back of the scalp where there is good growth still persisting. After that, specialists extract graft units from that strip and processed them. Later they plant these graft units artistically into the recipient area skin by following specific planes and angles in order to give a natural look as much as possible. However, this method has some drawbacks like a huge scar mark is left behind in the end and also there is large number of chances that the patient will develop complications like infections because there is much exposure of the underlying tissue to the external environment. On the other hand, there is a latest technique named FUE for which Australia is famous for because this technique was first practiced in this country. It has many advantages over the previous conventional methods. In this technique, instead of excising a strip of skin, graft units are removed one by one with the help of special micro motors after giving small circular incisions around the follicles. The small pores that are left behind do not require stitches because they can heal themselves. Moreover no scar mark is left behind after full recovery. The chances of infections are also minimal. That’s why; this method is preferred over FUT.

Cheap hair transplant Perth Australia

Cheap hair transplant in Perth Australia

Hair restoration price comparison Perth Vs Pakistan

It can be said to some extent that there is cheap hair transplant in Perth available after looking the rates of such treatments in other western countries like USA where the prices are even much higher. But on the whole, this city is quite expensive regarding these surgical procedures. On an average, the cost of planting a single graft unit ranges from $8 to $12 which will make a total price of a minimum $12,000 for 1500 graft units. It is much higher as compared to other countries like Pakistan, Turkey etc, where the same treatment is done at low costs starting from as low as $1,500.

 We can say that cheap hair transplant in Perth may be a fantasy because prices are quite high there. So, if you are having a baldness problem and looking for a transplant but your budget is low, then Perth will not be a good choice. You can send your hair loss area photos abroad through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and get an estimate of grafts where an average Fue procedure is performed between 1000$ to 1500$. You may also contact us through web or email. 

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