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Cleft lip scar treatment

Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplantation is a very good option or an excellent treatment if it is performed correctly. The transplant procedure can successfully decrease or remove the visibility of bruises in hair-containing areas. This genetic disorder is also treated successfully to close the separated upper lips or to improve the appearance and functionality of mouthparts but after treatment, they always leave a visible bruise and it looks cosmetically unpleasant. So, in this situation transplantation is a good option, the HFs fill-up the bruise. Many people require only a limited number of grafts or one procedure for this surgery. But most of the time for perfect covering of bruises the second procedure is required. When HFs are harvested in the right direction in the bruises they will grow like a mustache.

Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplant


Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplant is a proven method. Although there are many other methods to repair or decrease the visibility of scar the results of all these methods were never successful in the complete coverage of these bruises. But hair restoration surgery is a successful method in restoring the HF in the area of scar. In restoration surgery, the follicles from the facial area is used to restore loss or to repair scar in the HFs bearing area of the face. When the restoration surgery is performed using the follicles from the facial area it completely removes the visibility of bruises. But it is one time or two-time procedure it depends upon the patient because many patients require a second procedure for optimal results.

Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplant is different from a typical surgical procedure. Because the skin of bruises is different from the regular skin and tissues. HFs do not grow naturally in the bruised area because there are not any follicles existing in these areas. HFs are capsule-like structures present under the skin that hold and regrow hair. Blood vessels are also present under the follicles that help them to regenerate and regrow. So, when skin becomes damaged or a bruise is formed these follicles don’t grow. This happens because a bruised tissue is composed of thick, fibrous collagen tissue that does not leave any space for HFs, blood vessels, or even for nerves to grow. So, bruised skin is not similar to regular skin that’s why the typical procedure of surgery is not appropriate for bruised skin. In the case of harvesting follicles in the bruised area a surgeon harvested a hair that is present in its follicle into the bruise.  This will allow it to take root and grow again once it makes contact with blood vessels. HFs regrow when the bruised area becomes healed and they are completely grafted into the bruised skin and this requires multiple procedures because of lack of blood supply initially. Another thing that doctors do is flattening of the skin around the bruised area because the skin around the bruise is often raised and doctors inject corticosteroids in this elevated area around the bruise to flatten it.

Before and after cleft lip scar revision Lahore

Cleft lip scar treatment through hair transplant includes two types of surgical procedures that surgeons usually recommended in bruised areas and these are FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) or FUE (Follicular unit extraction) methods. In the FUT procedure, the surgeon takes a piece of skin from the scalp or other area close to the bruise using scalpels. The size of skin that is taken is equal to the size of the bruise. Then close the area with stitches. The surgeon then divides the removed skin into small pieces that are called grafts. Some of these grafts may contain only one follicle. Then with the help of a micro blades or needle, the surgeon makes a hole in bruise tissue where these grafts are harvested. The surgeon harvested the grafts in the opening of the bruise. Then at the end the surgeon will do the bandage of the bruised area with cotton and gauze. On the other hand, in the FUE procedure, the surgeon will shave the area of the head or the area that is close to the bruise. Then after shaving, the surgeon will extract a large number of follicles in series and this act will leave visible marks. Then the surgeon will make a hole in the bruised tissue and harvest these extracted grafts into this hole. Then at the end the surgeon will bandage the area. These surgical procedures mostly take one to two hours and the patient can go home on the same day after surgery. The surgeon will remove bandages once the area becomes healed and the surgeon also used injections to decrease swelling around the grafted area.

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