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Complementary treatments for hair regrowth

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth in Lahore Pakistan are available and many people are getting benefitting from these remedies. In the case of alopecia treatment, the problem will reoccur soon after the medical procedure completion. Therefore, conventional therapies are not enough. The sufferers have to go through some therapies to attain the best or desired results. Because of the negative psychosocial impact of hair loss patients do not rely on single procedures, they also go for some home remedies along with the treatment procedures. These remedies are used along with some standard medical procedures. But it does not work well independently; these treatments only complement the standard treatments. Below all methods are discussed which can work well with other standard procedures to figure out the most appropriate strategy.

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth Lahore – Natural products

There are some naturally occurring compounds that can aid the hair strengthening process like vitamins and minerals, herbs, and probiotics that can be used as dietary supplements.

Use of Amino Acids

Several amino acids are studied as complementary treatments for hair re-growth. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins. Proteins are vital for the normal functioning of the body. Cysteine and L-lysine amino acids play a special role in hair health and re-growing. Methionine, the amino acid, is essential for keratin and procollagen synthesis. These two proteins nourished the hairs well.  Arginine, an amino acid, is helpful against the bad effects of hydrogen peroxide on hairs. Some food sources like cheese, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, whole grains and meat are good sources of proteins.

Essential amino acids food

Caffeine intake

Caffeine is an alkaloid methyl xanthine compound that is a helpful cellular proliferation of hairs. Although, the use of caffeine is less effective. But caffeine has been used in combination with some other conventional treatments. There is focused research on the use of caffeine to supplement hair regeneration. Some caffeine-containing shampoos and lotions are on the market which stops shedding or thinning.

Capsaicin and Curcumin

Capsaicin is an alkaloid compound present in the green pepper family. This compound has a burning sensation when applied. Capsaicin can have the ability to unblock the blood vessels, hence improving the blood circulation in the scalp and inducing hair growth. There are some commercially selling gels on the market. Curcumin is the ingredient of turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

 Onion Juice

The mechanism of action for onion juice is unrevealed. The sulfur and phenolic compounds present in onion cause contact dermatitis, which stimulates hair regeneration. Its bad smell is the main hurdle in its applicability. The onion juice is used worldwide as complementary treatments for hair re-growth.

Pumpkinseed Oil

If you take pumpkin seed oil daily in your diet you will see a considerable change in hair growth. Anyhow more research is needed. Pumpkin Seed oil could block testosterone from changing into dihydrotestosterone, which is associated with hair loss.

Green Tea

A solution made from green tea may help hair fall control. Scientists observe a great change when they use green tea extract for 6 months. But use green tea with care, because its excessive use may disturb the internal lining of the stomach.

Some metals

Iron is a crucial nutrient that helps your body to make blood, and iron deficiency is linked with hair fall. Zinc helps to strengthen and nourish the follicles of the scalp.  High levels of Silicon elements can slow down shedding. Selenium can help your body fight off any foreign toxins and keep your follicles strong. A use of health supporting metals in your diet is complementary treatment.

Spiritual Treatment Methodologies

Mind-body medicine emphasizes the connection between the mind, body, and behavior intent to promote health. These procedures should be administered under the keen supervision of skilled practitioners to minimize physiologic stress and subsequent harmful fitness consequences. These spiritual dealing techniques are successfully used for hair fall control.


Acupuncture is pretty helpful in back pain, osteoarthritis, and migraines.  Some fine needles are inserted at specific points for therapy. Plum-blossom acupuncture is used in dead follicles, it has seven needles in the shape of a flower. It can increase blood circulation, stimulate follicle , and decrease inflammation.


In aromatherapy, essential oils are applied to the scalp. These oils are cedarwood, lavender, thyme, and rosemary oils. Massaging jojoba and grapeseed oils verify their advantages in dermatologic issues. These were used over 100 years ago for hair restoration of bald persons.


Hypnotherapy has indirect impacts on hair regeneration as it caters to anxiety and depression. In this procedure, the patient is brought to a semi-consciousness state to attain high attention levels. Hypnotherapy helps to improve anxiety and depression. These anti-sadden techniques are positively used.


Psychotherapy means restoration of the spirit and soul. In distinction to hypnotherapy, psychotherapy works without delay on the aware nation of mind. Generally, the confirmation for psychotherapy in the treatment of hair loss is hopeful, yet inadequate.  When the psychotherapy is used as a complementary treatment with some other procedure it will give excellent results.

Are there any side effects of taking biotin or other supplements for hair growth?
It is wrong to presume that Biotin or other vitamins will regrow hair. If you can do some search, the shedding is due to male hormone testosterone so Biotin and vitamins have no relation to reducing DHT hormone production. However, if someone has a severe deficiency of vitamins, there will be a diffuse pattern of hair loss and in such cases, vitamins definitely help you. 
However, if you still want to take Biotin then it will be safe to take one tablet per day without any side effects. 

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth for men in Lahore

Both men and women can benefit from these treatments. However, causes of hair fall are different among male and female patients.

Complementary treatments for hair regrowth for alopecia areata in Lahore

These therapies can be tried to Alopecia Areata patients and these are supporting products or remedies.

What is the cost in Lahore?

The cost range is a few thousand rupee to fifty thousand depending upon the duration, sessions and options to adopt. 

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