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Donor area after hair-transplant


Does hair grow back in the donor area after FUE?

Hair shedding is a common condition that affects every individual in their life. Regardless of age of the individual, alopecia is a cause of social embarrassment. Many techniques have been introduced to treat alopecia depending upon the degree of hair loss and patient’s preferences. Most common among them is hair transplant. It has two main types. One is Follicular Unit Transfer FUT and the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction FUE. These procedures are effective as well as expensive. Patient who have underwent these procedures or those who are planning to go for this technique want to know every aspect of treatment especially a common question arises in their mind i.e. Does hair grow back in the donor area after FUE?

Donor area after hair transplant

A healthy scalp is able to grow back the hair after a few months of transplant. Depending upon the precautions taken by the patient, expertise of the surgeon and proper follow up of appointments it can take 12 months to grow back hair in the donor area. In addition to this, one more benefit of Follicular unit extraction is that it gives no scar that may limit hair growth. So concluding that using this technique hair grows back efficiently at the donor site.

Apart from this common thought many other commonly asked questions are the matter of concern which will be discussed below

Does hair grow back in the donor area after hair transplant?

Hair restoration surgery is mainly done by FUE or FUT. Despite its acceptance worldwide a common concern is, Does hair grow back in the donor area after hair transplant?

Of course yes, but the re-grown hair does not look natural. The reason behind this lies in the fact that during this procedure a strip of hair follicles is removed beneath the skin. Surgeons try their best to keep the incision at this site to a minimum level so that more hair growth is achieved.

How can I recover my donor area after hair transplant?

Once you have done hair restoration surgery, now it’s time to consider its recovery. If you are taking FUE then it fastens your recovery as it is scar less. It mainly takes 2 weeks to recover from surgery. Meanwhile, you can apply some topical to the donor area if you feel some redness or swelling. Once postoperative signs disappear, hair will grow and the person can achieve his normal aesthetic look.

How long does it take FUE donor area to heal?

After Follicular unit extraction, slight redness is appreciated that is normal. Redness can be seen up to one week but if this exceeds to one month then it becomes a matter of concern and the person can seek medical attention. As FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, it normally takes 3 to 7 days to heal the donor area. Once the healing is achieved, a person can get the desired results of FUE.

Does FUE leave permanent scar?

It is natural to wonder about the consequences of any surgical procedure that a person has undergone. Follicular unit extraction is the most chosen and recommended method for hair transplant. It has many advantages over other hair restoration procedures. One of the most important is that it leaves no scar as it is a non invasive procedure. In this technique, minor scars can be found at the back and side of the scalp but these scars are not permanent. Moreover, if the technique is performed by a highly experienced surgeon then the chance of these scars to appear become negligible.

How long does FUE redness last?

Although Follicular unit extraction is a minimal invasive procedure, some common reactions occur after this technique like all the surgical procedures. One of the most common surgical related effects of FUE is redness. It usually takes 4 to 6 days to last redness. One week is the normal duration of redness to last but in some cases it aggravates to one month and that requires medical attention.

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