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Effect of Anagen Effluvium on hair transplant


There is a strong Effect of Anagen Effluvium on Survival Rates of hair transplant. Scalp hair extensively used in hair restoration surgeries from the last thirty years with satisfactory results. It is done due to the lack of donor hair on the other body parts. A large number of researches have been conducted in the field of hair restoration but no one has compared the scalp and non-scalp concerning the rate of survival.

Objective of the study

The research is exclusively conducted to check the Effect of Anagen Effluvium on Survival Rates of hair transplant.


The research was conducted on five patients. The evaluation was done before the surgery and then after the completion of the surgical procedure. Two sessions of hair restoration were carried out with an interval of one year. The Division of recipient area was done into small blocks .then a medium-sized hair follicular unit was removed from the beard chest and scalp. Then the grafting of hair follicles was done by going through a technique named no touch to root. A spray was administered to the patients to use after every two hours for the first seven days. Then the evaluation of Anagen effluvium and survival rate was checked under careful observation.

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The results were analyzed statistically by using chi-square technique

Research outcomes

To check the Effect of Anagen Effluvium on Survival Rates of hair transplant satisfactory Results were formulated based on data collected from five patients. The following type of hair loss was seen in the five patients

·         Grade 6 baldness were observed in two patients

·         Grade 7 baldness were observed in the remaining three patients

·         No loss of graft was seen in the first fourteen days

If we talk about the survival rate following outcome were seen

·         62 percent for scalp

·         57.3 percent for beard

·         86 percent for chest

Mild complications were also seen in the four patients like

·         Dark spots on the scalp

·         Folliculitis

But these side effects were temporary and did not affect the hair restoration process in any way. All the adverse symptoms were recovered within two weeks after the treatment.

Beard body hair for head hair transplant in Lahore


You observed the Effect of Anagen Effluvium on Survival Rates of hair transplant in this article with detail. All the positive outcomes of this research are breakthroughs in the world of hair implantation surgeries. Only scalp hair is being used in hair grafting treatment but now it has opened a new door of using hair from chest, beard, and armpits as a donor to cure baldness. Now it has an excellent option to cover the front side of the head by using hair from other body parts that not only allow effective growth but also provide a different style of hair. Hair can be selected according to the requirement of the recipient site, that is so cool further research is going on to increase the rate of survival in different individuals because it is difficult to give assurance of the survival rate of grafts taken from the other parts of the body except for the scalp as the donor. But research provides evidence that body hair can be used as effective donor sites in hair grafting procedure.

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