Fue hair transplant Belgium


FUE hair transplant in Belgium is an effective and advanced hair restoration method in which hair follicles are removed individually from scalp donor area and transplanted onto bald areas of head. It is normally used to restore natural hairlines. Mostly male pattern baldness is treated by this method. It is also used to restore beard hairs, eyelashes and eyebrows. Most commonly hair follicles are harvested from chest, head or back. Patient’s own hairs suitable for hair transplantation which means that hair follicle can be extracted from one location and implanted on another location in a same person. Otherwise body will reject if it is from another person. FUE is a type of surgery which needs  one or more treatment sessions as required by the patient.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss usually affects both male and female equally. It may occur gradually or instantly. There are many causes of hair loss like certain hormonal changes, stress, during cancer treatment radiation therapy, certain medications and it may occur genetically.

How FUE is performed?                                         

FUE is a type of minimal invasive surgery which is performed under local anesthesia. From donor area follicles are harvested and then implanted to recipient area. In this procedure around the follicular unit a small circular incision is made, separated it from scalp and then extracted directly. The harvested follicle is then implanted to recipient area. It takes 5-7 hours to perform this procedure. The time duration of surgery depends on the experience of surgeon, characteristics of patient’s hair and the speed of harvesting.

Benefits of FUE

FUE hair transplant has multiple benefits over other hair restoration procedures. FUE is a less time taking procedure without any large cuts. There are other benefits of FUE like there is no suturing and scaring. It is a quick healing procedure without any pain. No hospitalization is required and person returns to their normal routines within hours. It gives natural look.

How it costs in Belgium?

FUE hair transplant in Belgium costs depends on physician and location. It is nearly round about EUR 4197. It is estimated that charges of 2000 to 3000 grafts would be EUR 5700-8550.

Results of FUE

FUE hair transplant in Belgium results are permanent and everlasting. Results can be seen after 1 year, you can grab your hairs and there is no difference in colour, texture and direction of hairs with existing hairs. No one can make a difference between your implanted hairs and natural hairs. During first 10 days mini scars of small incisions become clear. Check the crust during first 10 to 14 days. Implanted grafts show growth at 4th month but the area of transplant and hair structure may affect this time duration. The final results can be seen at 12th month. So, the growth starts at 4th month and finalized at 12th month. After FUE procedure surgeon discharged the patient for home after first hair wash and you have to consider some precautionary measures like to stop all sports activities like swimming, football etc. for ten days. Don’t go at warm places. Don’t take alcohol for 5 days. Many patients search on internet good reviews and results abroad. Mostly select best hair restoration clinic abroad and get their mega session of follicular unit extraction procedure at an affordable and economical price even including return air ticket. For example one can get 2500-3500 grafts in 1000 Euro, in a single session from an experienced surgeon , trained and qualified from France who has established his clinic in Lahore Pakistan. There is same standard of hygiene and sterilization as well as disposable instruments used during procedure. It is best time to see before and after photos, video testimonials from different people all across the world and select Cosmoderma clinic for your procedure. If you want to get a free estimate of grafts and price, send your hair loss close up photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and get an instant reply.