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Fue hair transplant Perth Australia

Fue hair transplant Perth Australia is performed by many well known hair restoration surgeons. As the charges are high so people search cheap and affordable procedure abroad. Perth is a developed metropolitan of Western part of Australian regions and all types of modern tools and techniques for surgery are available for convenience of people. Surgery for hair restoration is the way in which grafts from a part of good donor area density are removed and planted on those areas where baldness is visible. This is done in special conditions and with specific types of tools and surgical instruments. In this treatment patients that require surgery for regrowth of hair are given local anesthesia and do not feel any type of pain so this is a pain free surgery and people prefer that type of surgery. This procedure is a surgical technique which requires proper skills, expertise and experiences with special techniques. Before going for treatment of surgery a patient must go for the selection of right and experienced surgeon and it is easy for the patient after selection of good surgeon but difficult for patient to select for uncertified surgeons. Patients are always given advice that for the proper growth of hairs goes for fully skilled and highly trained surgeons. Some people can’t afford Fue hair transplant in Perth Australia and search for good clinic and surgeons abroad.  Mr. F.A. traveled abroad to our clinic and got two days Fue procedure. First day grafts were taken from scalp donor area and second day from beard area. 

Baldness Perth patient

Top view bald area before treatment

Baldness treatment – the best option 

Australia is the basic land of modern techniques for regrowth of hairs these modern tools are Follicular Unit Extraction which is a best way of surgery.  When a patient goes for treatment of baldness a person thinks about two aspects. These two aspects are charges and output of that treatment. The treatment charges are highly expensive if prices are compared. Hair restoration  is done in two basic ways. These two ways are strip method and follicles grafting.

Fue hair transplant cost in Perth Vs. abroad 

The Follicular unit extraction acquires a high skill, expertise and practices and is much more expensive than other types of ways. In Perth the cost of surgery for hair transplantation is in the ranges of 6,000$- 14,000$. These values are highly charged and frequently common people cannot afford these prices for proper development of hairs. The similar type of process is available in Pakistan by certified, highly trained and skilled surgeons at a possible rate. In Pakistan costs to overcome the problems of hairs by a special way is between the range of 1,000$- 4,000$.  Charges of this process are totally based on the number of grafts and in Pakistan the plantation rate for each follicle is one dollar to three dollar while in Perth the planting rate is in the range of six dollar to ten dollar. This is a big difference for the rate of treatment in two countries. That’s why the majority of the people go to Pakistan for the proper growth of hairs. In Pakistan doctors and surgeons are highly trained with an amicable nature. Due to highly experienced and best practices they can deal with most of the patients on a daily basis.

Fue Hair transplant in Perth Australia is performed at many clinics, due to high cost many people travel to Pakistan. Doctors not only extract the grafts but also know the natural phenomenon of hair growth and then do the planting of new follicles in the same way. This is a natural way for growth. Instead of all this, apathy and peace that a certified surgeon facilitates is essential for the patient to relax and comfort. All these qualities exist in most of Pakistani’s surgeons. Due to the high cost in Perth, the majority of people prefer their treatment in Pakistan. Those who want to get an expert opinion or advice regarding cost and number of grafts may WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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