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Fue hair transplant

Fue hair transplant in Lahore is an effective and proven hair restoration technique for hair loss and baldness. This technique is being performed at our clinic in Lahore for the last many years. Follicular unit extraction technique is getting popularity due to minimal invasive as it does not contain any incision or stitches. Fue hair transplant before and after photos or results are below so that you can see and choose the best hair transplant clinic in Lahore

Fue hair transplant in Lahore 3000 grafts result

 FUE hair transplant, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction method is a relatively latest technique, and is now being used by all hair surgeons around the world. FUE is a very delicate and sensitive method of hair transplant.  The surgeon uses high technology equipment to extract individual hair grafts and follicles from the ‘donor’ area. The extracted hair follicles are then implanted on the recipient area. As this involves extraction and implantation of individual hair, high precision and care must be taken while performing this procedure.

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Fue hair transplant Lahore

The recovery time from this method of hair transplant is minimal. Since no mainstream surgery equipment and procedures like stitches are involved, most of the patients are able to recover within 24 hours. The surgeon might cover the affected area with bandages or a cap, but that can be removed after 24 hours. Another concerning point for many people who wish to get a transplant is the cost of the treatment. The cost of hair transplants can be highly variable, as there are a number of factors affecting it. Highly skilled and experienced surgeons may charge a higher price in comparison to an inexperienced doctor.  If you want to get an estimate of cost / priceyou may send call or send your baldness close up photos through WHATSAPP+92-333-430-99999

Hair transplant surgery clinic in Lahore Pakistan

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Fue 2644 grafts hair transplant results 6 months later results Lahore

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Besides these benefits, the treatment has some demerits also which are mentioned below;

  • For most of the FUE procedures, the whole part to be donor area is shaved.
  • The donor area for FUE is typically larger and surgeon may extract into upper, lower and side portions of donor area in order to get right amount of grafts for FUE
  • The grafts that are extracted during FUE include hair follicle, bulb and a small amount of surrounding tissue. So these grafts are more fragile and more chances of transaction if surgeon is not skilled.
  • Lastly, FUE method of treatment is more affordable than FUT due to opening of many new clinics. 

Fue hair restoration Doha patient

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FUE hair transplant has become very common today, and all leading hair clinics offer this service. It is highly recommended that if you are affected by hair loss or balding, you should avail this facility. Not only does this gives you a sense of self-satisfaction, but is also likely to positively impact your persona. So, if facilities and amenities like FUE hair transplant are easily accessible to you, you must utilize them to your advantage and consult your nearest clinic for an appointment.If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, do not waste any more time and send your photos via WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and you will get reply and opinion from our professional team to solve your hair problem. 

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