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Hair Transplant Before After photos Gallery

Hair transplant before and after results are very important to determine the success of a transplant. Either using the FUE or FUT technique the next part is look for the recovery and changes taking place after the transplant. The people who are planning to get a transplant also rely on these changes to decide. It also defines a clinic’s efficiency and success. Some of the changes which occur due to a hair transplant before and after are as follows:


Before: There is a receding hairline in which the bald areas ore visible. There are also bald spots on top view and temporal areas.

After: The hairline after a transplant looks more lined and fine so that one can actually feel the difference of how perfectly a surgical procedure covers a receding frontal hairline, top head bald spots and temporal baldness.


Before: There is a complete or partial baldness on the areas to be transplanted and no growing hair can be seen.

After: During 2-3 months after a transplant, there comes a shedding phase that can be considered as the most demotivating phase of the journey. In this phase the hair begin to fall from the transplanted area and the patients think that the procedure has failed. But the implanted follicles are still present inside the scalp. There is just the need of patience and the follicles will grow again.


Before: The hair fall is so immense that even the roots have fallen and there is worsened shape of  head look.

After: Almost 4-5 months after the surgery, the roots of the implanted follicles begin to grow and patients can actually feel new growth boosting from their scalp.


Before: Because of hair fall, there is a stunted growth in the region because the natural follicles have stopped growing.

After: The roots of the newly follicles start to grow in 4-6 months after the transplant and rest of the hair grow naturally until they attain their full shape and texture.


Before: Due to appearance of bald spots on the scalp, many people lose their natural appearance and personality. This may cause troubles in their day to day life.

After: When the new follicles start to grow, these fill up the spaces created by the previous hair loss and contribute in regaining the lost volume with a natural looking hair. This phase needs patience and comes at the last stages about 6 months to a year after the procedure.

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Before: The hair fall is a cause of many mental health issues for patients including depression, lack of self esteem and lagging behind.

After: When a person regains his lost hair, he feels comfortable in his own skin and his confidence is boosted. He can have more opportunities and even look younger than before. It is most important before and after change.


The success rate of a hair transplant before and after is 98% and many people feel satisfied after going through a hair restoration procedure due the changes in their life. Therefore, more and more people are resorting to this technique nowadays.