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Hair loss treatment USA

Hair loss treatment USA is quite successful and is done by following a specific approach or sequence of therapy. Usually the same methods of therapy are used by the doctors all around the globe. The results are very good, therefore, many people who suffer from baldness and its related conditions, seek such therapies in order to get rid of such problems and improve their looks and their self- esteem also.

Hair loss treatment USA

Hair loss treatment in USA is done by the doctors, using both medications and surgical procedures. But before going for the therapy, it is very important to find the underlying cause of this problem. Sometimes, patients are suffering from this condition because of some bad habits like smoking, insufficient or improper diet, rough handling etc. In that case, there is not much need of therapy so doctors advise such patients to change those habits, and prescribe some sprays along which improve the growth. Apart from some general advice, doctors usually start their therapies by prescribing medications. Two such medicines are very popular in this regard. One is minoxidil which comes in the form of sprays. It is a vasodilator and increases the blood supply which in turn provides more nutrients to the scalp skin and follicles, and improves the growth. Second drug is finasteride which is used to treat pattern baldness in males. It inhibits the production of DHT hormone which is responsible for the weakening of the follicles. Moreover, some other medical therapies are also available like injection of platelets rich plasma into the skin of the scalp. Because platelets produce growth factors, this procedure helps in improving the condition.

Hair loss condition

Hair loss treatment USA is also done surgically. It is considered as the second line therapy and is done to treat this condition permanently when medications fail to do so. Two surgical methods are usually used. One is FUT and the other one is FUE. FUT is relatively old method. It is also known as strip excision method because in this procedure, a strip of skin is excised usually from the back of the scalp and then follicular units are separated from that strip. After the extraction and processing, experts implant those graft units into the recipient area. This method has some drawbacks like a huge linear scar mark is left behind, and moreover, there are chances of complications like infections etc. On the other hand, FUE is the latest method in which graft units are extracted with the help of special micro motors after giving small circular incisions around the follicles. It has many advantages like fewer chances of complications, and no scar marks are left behind because stitches are not required due to self-healing. In America, the cost of these procedures ranges from $4,000 to $15,000.

Hair loss treatment in USA has remarkable results; therefore, people from other countries, who do not have money issues, also get their therapies from here. To conclude, we can say that just like all around the world, doctors in America also treat their patients by following a special sequence of therapy starting from prescribing medications and moving towards surgical options as the last resort. Those who can not afford high price treatments in USA, travel abroad countries like Pakistan, Turkey and India. Mostly patients get online consultation by sending baldness photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 for an estimation and quotation. After getting satisfactory reply, travel abroad to our clinic for an affordable Fue procedure in the range of 1000$ to 1500$.

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