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Hair Plantation Norway

Hair Plantation in Norway has state of the art technology to treat and transplant hair fall permanently. Hair fall has become a global health issue. Imagine: you just celebrated your 20th birthday and one of your friend’s light comments on your falling hair has made you speechless, awkward and a little angry. You must be wondering and worried, at the same time about falling hair so early: a common problem of our generation, unluckily. These days, a lot of youngsters are facing hair fall fear or bald-o-phobia. The problem is real and is causing depression in young people.

Our genetic make-up would also be the reason to blame, partially, though. There are other factors like smoking, sleep deprivation, stress, changing hormone levels, busy lifestyle, polluted air, excessive use of processed and packaged food (over fresh fruits and veggies) for young age baldness.

Aesthetic scientists are working hard to invent hair plantations in Norway. Over the period of time, two different techniques have been devised. One method is Follicular Unit Transplant and other is Follicular Unit Extraction. Aesthetic surgeons decide which option is suitable for the patient. In FUT skin of the patient’s scalp is taken out and single hair plantation has been done on the desired area.

Hair plantation in Norway

Likewise, in the Follicular Unit Extraction single unit of hair has taken out from the back of the head and extracted on the desired section of the patient’s scalp. In this surgery, small dots could be seen whereas; in FUT linear scar could be visible if the expert surgeon is not opted. With every medical and surgical procedure some side effects also emerge no matter how advanced, detailed and professional surgery has been performed. One should be ready for both the results.

Hair transplantation in Norway could also have both good as well as bad results. Let’s talk about the positive effects of Hair plantation first. The procedure is usually long lasting and grows natural hair. It not only gives a new look to patients but also changes life’s perspective on the whole. Transformed and positive persona! Freedom to move in social, professional circles and a more successful future. On the other hand, early age baldness related to genes and hormones is not reversible with hair transplant which means hair fall could start again even after the hair plantation. To tackle this issue, detailed medical history, diagnosis and treatment is required. The procedure requires the patient to be in a healthy state of mind and body. Otherwise, health complications can arise. The patient has to be fully aware of the fact that general anesthesia will be given to him/her during the surgery so it could have its side effects.

Realistically, patients should be financially stable to go through hair plantation in Norway as it costs more than 4000 euro which will just cover the cost of operation not medicines and after care. So, one need an insane and crazy amount of money to grow new hair. The process usually takes up to 1 year to start growing natural-looking transplanted hair therefore; patience is the key if opting for hair plantation in Norway. An emerging field is medical tourism where many people contact through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 abroad and get an estimate of FUE procedure. An average cost abroad is 1000 Euro while you will get procedure by a top notch hair restoration surgeon and results will be much better from native surgeon.

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