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Hair transplant cost Paris


Hair transplant cost Paris Vs abroad is often compared for the treatment of baldness. The price varies depending on certain factors. The doctor’s experience who will perform the procedure, the type of procedure performed i.e. FUE or FUT and also France has another type of hair restoration that is known as Robotic Hair restoration. There are different sessions having different costs in Paris, depending on the session time, the amount of grafts used.

Hair transplant cost Paris

Hair transplant cost Paris for small and mega session

The smallest and cheapest session is known as the SMALL Session, its duration is around half a day and it requires around 500 to 1000 grafts for a cost of around 4000 . All the sessions after the SMALL  one have a time period of one day. Then we have the REGULAR Session which uses around 1500-2000 grafts and it costs around 5000 . Then comes the REGULAR+ Session, requiring around 2000-2500 grafts and it costs approximately 6000 . After that we have the MEGA Session which uses 2500-3000 follicles and costs around 6900 . Then there is the MEGA+ Session, which requires 3000-4000 follicles and costs 8000  on the average. The next two session have a time period of minimum 2 days. The first one is the GIGA Session, the procedure is of around 4000-5000 follicles and the price is around 10000 . And the second session, known as the GIGA+ Session consists of about 5000-6000 grafts and it costs roughly 12000 . Finally comes the TRIGA Session which takes around 3 days and number of grafts are more than 7000 while cost is estimated around 15000 .

Factors contributing price

Hair transplant cost in Paris varies a lot. For the FUT method the prices also vary, but they depend on the follicular units, a follicular unit is also known as a graft, that is to say it is a group of hair. 500 follicular units cost about 1800-3000 . 1000 units cost around 4000-5000 , 1500 units prices ranges from 5500-6500 . For 2000 units the cost is greater than 7000 . There is also the Robotic Hair restoration in Paris and it cost starts from 6500 , using around 1000 follicle units where each unit has 1-3 hair. Some Clinics in Paris also have the option of beard transplant, and the price for that starts from around 3000 .

Hair transplant cost in Paris, is relatively higher than most places around the globe, but they do have some of the best equipment to make sure that the patient feels as little problems as possible and the doctors are also world-renowned for their surgeries, making it an attraction for people who want to have the hair restoration done and do not fear much about spending too much on it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to get cheap hair restoration procedures abroad?

There are many countries where you can get an affordable procedure to cover baldness. As hair transplants cost Paris, France usually starts from 4000 euro to 8000 euro, many people travel abroad to our clinic and get 2000 to 3500 grafts in one session and safely back to their homes. This way there is more than 70% saving and one can get this procedure in less than 1000 euro. 


What is 5000 grafts hair transplant cost Paris France?

The price for 5000 grafts is 12000  to 15000  in Paris France and mostly people travel abroad to our clinic for their procedure around 1000 Euro to 1500 .  To get an estimate you may send baldness photos through WhatsApp +923334309999

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